Theodore the Big Red American Engine

Theodore is a big red Union Pacific Challenger Class 4-6-6-4 engine with blue wheels, blue lining and a blue cowcatcher from America, who is Hank's younger brother. He is so strong, he can pull over 100 trucks in one go without having an accident. He appears in the episode, "Bold Brother Theodore". Thomas has to arrange his train, but Theodore gets called away, so Thomas decided to take his train. Unfortunately, the coupling between Thomas and the first truck breaks, and all 100 trucks derail into a really big heap. Thomas, his crew and the guard are alright though, but Thomas has to get help. He and Percy fetch Rocky, Jerome and Judy to clear up the mess. Hank and Theodore agree to help too. And most of the goods are undamaged, and 86 of the trucks are delivered safely to their destinations. Thomas, Percy, Hank and Theodore are now good friends.

Theodore is numbered 3985.

Theodore is named after the title character in Theodore Tugboat. So it is possible, Hank could have some connection to Theodore's best friend, Hank. It is also noticeable that Hank's livery is blue with red wheels, lining and cowcatcher, while Theodore's is vice-versa.

Theodore is voiced by Sean Barrett (in a similar voice to Big Mac from TUGS) in both dubs.

Theodore's whistled sound is Murdoch's at a lower pitch.

Junichiro the Japanese Engine

Junichiro is Hiro's only remaining cousin, who once had an arguement with him many years ago before Hiro was brought to Sodor. After a quick reunion, they make it up to each other and become friends again.

Junichiro is named after Junichiro from King of the Hill.

Junichiro is voiced by Togo Igawa in both dubs.

Junichiro's whistle sound is Hiro's at a lower pitch.

Stavros the Greek Electric Engine

Stavros in a Greek engine based on the OSE Class 120 Engine, who was bought to attend the Shrove Tuesday Festival. He is painted blue and white stripes with a picture of a white cross in a blue box on his tanks, similar to the Greek flag.

Stavros is voiced by Rob Rackstraw in both dubs.

Stavros' horn sound is Rusty's at a higher pitch.

Louie the Gray Dutch Diesel

Louie is a grey NS Class 6400 Diesel who joined the Thomas' Railway Band when the band went to the Netherlands.

Louie is voiced by Bob Golding in both dubs.

Quentin the Blue and White Canadian Diesel

Quentin is a blue and white EMD G12 Diesel who joined Thomas' band when they visited Canada.

Quentin is named Quentin Blake, the illustrator of the Roald Dahl books.

Quentin is voiced by Tim Whitnall in both dubs.

Bianca the Purple Hungarian Engine

Bianca is a purple MAV Class 424 engine (with white lining) who was invited to join Thomas's Railway Band during their visit to Hungary.

Bianca is named after Miss Bianca from Disney's The Rescuers not only by whom she is inspired by, but also on who her personality is based.

Bianca is voiced by Teresa Gallagher in both dubs.

Sonia the Argentian Engine

Sonia is a two-tone blue diesel (with red lining) from Argentina, who was a bit shy when she first came to Sodor. Because she was shy most of the engines were being mean to her, until she told the story of Vinnie's final moments to Salty, Paxton and Sidney. Then Thomas realised Sonia wasn't that bad after.

Sonia is named after Sonia the Hedgehog from Sonic Underground.

Sonia is voiced by Lucy Montgomery in both dubs.

Lionel, Grover and Jamie the GNR Engines

Lionel, Grover and Jamie anre the last three remaining of Ryan's Brothers. They hadn't seen Ryan ever since he arrived on Sodor until he invited them to spend Christmas for Molly's birthday. Lionel is the wisest and oldest of the four brothers, Grover is the second eldest and a little bit forgetful, which sometimes causes him to mess up his jobs, and Jamie is the third eldest, and the most optimistic of the three, thus making Ryan younger than Lionel, Grover and Jamie put together.

Lionel is painted brown with a bushy moustache and eyebrows, Grover is painted blue and Jamie is painted green. Their numbers are 1011, 1012 and 1013 respectvely.

Lionel is named after Lionel the Helicopter from Budgie the Little Helicopter (whom his facial features are based on) and Grover is named after Grover Monster from Sesame Street.

Lionel is voiced by Jeremy Nicholas in both dubs, in the same voice he used for Lionel from Budgie, Grover is voiced by Nathan Clarke in both dubs and Jamie is voiced by Jamie Campbell Bower (after whom he is named) in both dubs.

Sebastian the Red Diesel

Sebastian is a friendly red diesel who is highly intelligent and smooth-talking. He proved this when he had to help Lionel, Grover and Shaun teach Jake, Horace and Lenny the big Mainland diesels some manners, after Ryan's brothers returned from the Mainland.

Sebastain is painted red with black lining. He is numbered 70017.

Sebastian is named after Sebsatian the Crab from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Sebastian is voiced by Joe Mills in the UK dub and Christoper Ragland in the US dub.

Sebastian's horn is Diesel 10's at a higher pitch.

Zazu the Blue Narrow-Gauge Diesel

Zazu is a blue feisty, sometimes clumsy narrow-gauge diesel (with black lining and yellow and black hazard striped bufferbeams with no buffers) based on the Trecwn diesel. When he first arrived on Sodor, Sir Handel thought the trucks had told him to biff into all the engines on the Skarloey Railway. He was soon proven wrong when Zazu ran into trouble on a collapsing viaduct, and he had to save him. Now there are good friends.

Zazu is named after Zazu the Hornbill in Disney's The Lion King franchise.

Zazu is voiced by Clive Mantle in both dubs.

Zazu's horn sound is Derek's at a higher pitch.

Rosemary the Orange-Brown Narrow-Gauge Tender Engine

Rosemary is an old orange-brown (with red lining) narrow-gauge engine who was found on a scrapyard, along with Mildred the Coach, by Ivo Hugh and his coaches, Rasmus and Sean. She said she'd been left there for forty-seven years, so Ivo asked Sir Albert Thompson to arrange for both Rosemary and Mildred to be fixed up in time for Christmas. After the party Rosemary became the No.8 engine on the Mainland's Narrow-Gauge Railway.

Rosemary's whistle is Freddie's at a lower pitch.

Rosemary in partly names after Lady Rosemary from BBC's The Herbs.

Rosemary is voiced by Lucy Montgomery in both dubs.

Nicola the Green Minimum-Gauge Diesel

Nicola is a green minimum gauge diesel (with orange lining) based on Lady Wakefield. She and another diesel named Maurice were find by Mike in a scrapyard. Then Mike told the Small Controller who sent them to be fixed up, and then join the Arlesdale Railway.

Nicola is voiced by Nicola Stapleton (after whom she is voiced) in both dubs.

Maurice the Red Minimum-Gauge Diesel

Maurice is a red minimum gauge diesel (with white lining) based on Douglas Ferria. He and another diesel named Nicola were find by Mike in a scrapyard. Then Mike told the Small Controller who sent them to be fixed up, and then join the Arlesdale Railway.

Maurice is voiced by Nathan Clarke in both dubs.

Maurice is partly names after Maurice from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Wilma and Betty the Bluebell Coaches

Wilma and Betty are a pair of intelligent, optimistic and friendly Metropolitan Bluebell Coaches who were given to Stepney after he saved Gordon and Stafford from an accident oustide Knapford Station.

Their faces are the same look as the Slip Coaches, and they are painted in the Metropolitan Bluebell livery.

Wilma and Betty are named after Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble's wives respectivley, from Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones.

Wilma is voiced by Olivia Colman in both dubs, while Betty is voiced by Miranda Raison in both dubs.

Callum, Tina and Otto the Bluebell Slip Coaches

Callum, Tina and Otto are a trio of Bluebell Slip Coaches belonging to Boxhill, whom he brought to Stepney's branch line for a visit, along with his old controller. They even reveal they are old friends of Stepney's coaches Wilma and Betty.

Callum is partly named in honour of former YouTube user, Callum Walker (better know as SI3DFilms), Tina is named after Tina Desai (by whom she is voiced in both dubs) and Otto is named after Otto Mann from The Simpsons.

Callum is voiced by Bob Golding in both dubs, while Otto is voiced by Rob Rackstraw in both dubs.

Mildred the Green Narrow-Gauge Coach

Mildred is an old narrow-gauge who used to work with Rasmus and Sean before Ivo Hugh joined the Narrow-Gauge Railway on the Mainland. In Beresford's Christmas, she is restored when Ivo Hugh finds her and is then back in business with her two good friends, and their engine.

Mildred is voiced by Lucy Montgomery in both dubs.

Cletus the Grey Brake Van

Cletus is a grey brake van that worked with Jim before he left for Sodor. One day, Cletus and Randy (Luke's brake van) explain that two narrow gauge diesels named Roy and Curtis sent them to the scrap yard over two decades ago. When Mr. Percival hears about this, he sends Roy and Curtis away and arranges for both brake vans to be restored.

Cletus is named after Cletus Spuckler from The Simpsons.

Cletus is voiced by Robert Wilfort in both dubs.

Annick, Mitzi and Keeley the Minimum-Gauge Coaches

Annick, Mitzi and Keeley are three minimum-gauge coaches who used to work with Nicola and Maurice before their old railway on the Mainland got closed down. Then Mike asked Mr. Fergus Duncan to restore them both engine and the three coaches to good working order. Now there are happy once again.

Annick is named Annick Obonsawin, the voice actress who voiced Skunk from Franklin, while Mitzi is named after Mitzi the Monkey from Little Bear.

Annick is voiced by Miranda Raison in both dubs, while Mitzi is voiced by Lucy Montgomery and Keeley is voiced by Sophie Colquhoun.

Elaine the Fire Truck

Elaine is a red fire truck who was bought along with Angus the Vintage Fire Truck to help put out fires at the Sodor Airport.

Elaine is voiced by Rebecca O'Mara in both dubs.

Homer the Snowmobile

Homer is a brave purple and white snowmobile who likes to help out and rescue villagers in the winter. When he first arrives on Sodor, he has to rescue Salty from a snowdrift.

Homer is named after Homer Simpson, the title character from The Simpsons.

Homer is voiced by Darren Boyd in both dubs.

Rolf the Jetski

Rolf is a daring yellow and red jetski who likes to race very fast, especially on warm summer days. He normally gives water skiing events at the beach. When he first arrived, he challenged Captain to a race to the beach. They both won after Captain helped Rolf when he got stuck on a rock.

Rolf is named after Rolf from Ed, Edd N Eddy.

Rolf is voiced by Tom Stourton in both dubs.

Melanie and Michelle the Hovercraft Twins

Melaine and Michelle are a pair of 100 year old hovercraft twins who had an accident in stormy weather and were sent to a scrapyard. Freddie soon found them and told all the engines and Mr. Percival about them, and they were soon restored.

Melanie is painted orange and blue stripes, while Michelle's stripes are pink and green.

Melanie is voiced by Rebecca O'Mara in both dubs, while Michelle is voiced by Nicola Stapleton in both dubs.

Jasmine Hatt

Jasmine Hatt is Sir Topham Hatt's 18-year-old grandniece, who is introduced in the special, "Thomas' ABC Story". She is also the older cousin of Stephen and Bridget Hatt, and she helps them learn their ABCs and 123s in "Thomas' 123 Story". She even reveals to be Sir Lowham Hatt's granddaughter in Christmas with the Hatt Family.

Jasmine Hatt is named after Princess Jasmine in Disney's Aladdin franchise.

Jasmine is voiced by Teresa Gallagher in both dubs.

Eleanor Hatt

Eleanor Hatt is Sir Topham and Lowham Hatt's auntie, Dowager Hatt's twin sister and Stephen, Bridget and Jasmine's great auntie. She first appears in the episode, "Christmas with the Hatt Family" where she is invited to Christmas lunch with a large number of humans, and a reunion with her sister, her twin nephews, her three grandchildren and the rest of the humans at the Christmas lunch.

Eleanor is voiced by Rebecca O'Mara in both dubs.

Matt the Mobile Shop Owner

Matt is the friendly owner of a mobile shop who makes his first appearance in "Thomas' ABC Story".

Matt is voiced by Matt Wilkinson (whom he is named after) in both dubs.

Hilda Brown

Hilda Brown is Cyril the Fogman's wife and the aunt of Lawrence Brown. She, along with their nephew, Lawrence make an appereance in "Bert and the Raccoons" where Bert and his Driver return their lunchboxes and drink flasks when Bert returns Cyril's family of pet raccoons to them.

Hilda is partly named after Hilda the Farmer from Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines.

Hilda is voiced by Nicola Stapleton in both dubs.

Lawrence Brown

Lawrence Brown is a 20-year-old man, who is the nephew of Cyril the Fogman and his wife Hilda.

Lawrence is voiced by Steven Kynman in both dubs.

Bernie Harrison

Bernie Harrison is Stephen and Bridget Hatt's teacher. who first appears physically in "Thomas' 123 Story". In this special and its prequel "Thomas' ABC Story", he assigns for Sir Topham Hatt's children to learn their alphabet and counting as soon as possible, the numbers 1-20 before Easter.

Bernie is partly named after Bernie Kropp from Pixar's The Incredibles, by whom he is also inspired.

Mr. Harrison is voiced by Rob Rackstraw in both dubs.

Howard the Diver

Howard is a very skilled diver who loves to keep fit. He is the operator and owner of Rolf. He is also a quick swimmer, as he knows almost at once, if anyone needs help in the water.

Howard is partly named after Howard Deville from Rugrats.

Howard is voiced by Rob Rackstraw in both dubs.