To access JSTOR from home there are two possibilities.

The easy one is to get a VPN access, unfortunately I could not get it, but you can try. It's reserved for "personnel".

The more difficult is to go through an ssh+tunneling+god knows what techie thing. Hopefully, you can get it working even without understanding what is going on.


1. run

$ ssh -D 8080 -L -l <your

GREMAQ username without the <>> and log in with your GREMAQ login, to log out type

$ logout or $ exit

pre-2. I recommend you to use a different Firefox profile, otherwise you will have to set things up every time when you want to switch from simple browsing to this other browsing.

  • To do this run
$ firefox -ProfileManager

and create a new profile.

  • Finally set up a useful startpage for this profile, I would suggest you

here you can search all the journals that are available from the University

2. Then there is a nice Hungarian description how to set up firefox 1.5. Today we mainly use Firefox 2.x, but you will be able to find out the main message. The images are in English, so you can follow it easily. Using the images set up the SOCKS part of your connection in your new profile.


1. download putty (the images to follow are available in the above mentioned pdf)

  • under Host name give:
  • give it a name under saved sessions (for example TSE)
  • take the Connections/SSH/Tunnels menu
  • select Dynamic, and give the source port: 8080
  • below fill in the tunneling part to:
  • get back to Session, and click on Save
  • finally click on Open, and log in with your GREMAQ login
  • (to log out type $ logout or $ exit)


2. set up Firefox as described for Linux

How to use it?

  1. start the ssh connection (with putty on Windows), and log in with your GREMAQ login
  2. open your new Firefox profile, and browse the databases in this profile's window

When you are done:

  1. close Firefox
  2. log out from ssh using
$ logout

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