The Jaak-Enti, also known as the "Iron Barks" are a race of sentient trees descended from the elemental of the forest. Living in dense forest, they are not well known by any of the other races on Lareus.

Physical Features

With extremely dense bark in place of skin, the Iron Barks make powerful defensive warriors. Their slow movement however limits their other physical capabilities so most have turned to magic. Extremely intelligent, the Iron barks make fantastic casters and although their mages and shamans are powerful, they cannot compare to their druids. Because they themselves are part of nature, the Iron Bark druids are far more powerful than any of the druids on Azeroth. Their hair is leaves, and their blood, sap. Standing at 10 feet tall on average, they are intimidating as is, but they are also extremely broad, their massive frames weighing over a ton. Like trees, they live a long time, but because of their affinity to magic, they live 10,000 years with no signs of aging.

Male vs. Female

As with most races, males are larger than females, but reproduction is different. It is completely random because every year, the Iron Barks produce flowers. The males only produce the male parts, and pollen is taken by birds and insects and randomly pollinates one of the females. The females then produce a melon sized fruit which after 6 months falls to the ground. The seeds then may or may not survive.


The Jaak-Enti are very social and because of this, have no real leader, though they follow the arch-druid. Very peaceful, they avoid fighting if possible.

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