Jack's Adventures of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Jounrey is a Thomas/Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey FL parody with clips and Mickey's Adventures of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey audio made by smurf3126.


  • Jack as Mickey Mouse
  • More Coming Soon


Quote 1:

  • [Thomas' boiler growls]
  • Thomas: I think... I need to eat some coal.
  • [vomits]
  • Top Hat: Eww!
  • Percy: That's Grandma's cake!
  • Jack: Thomas, you learned your lesson today, cake and polyester don't mix!
  • Alfie: I agreed!
  • Hank: So do I!
  • Top Hat: Come on, guys.
  • Thomas [voice-over] I learned an important lesson that day: cake and polyester don't mix.

Quote 2:

  • [Thomas sees Duncan, but he doesn't know what it is]
  • Molly: What's that?
  • Thomas: You've got me. It's probably a tank engine having a really bad hair day.

Quote 3:

  • Thomas: I'm such a wimp! I'm running from a boat!
  • James: I won't tell if you won't!
  • Jack: Me neither!
  • Alfie: Nor me!
  • Hank: Oh me!
  • Lumiere: Oh even me and Chip!
  • Chip: I agreed with you!
  • Thomas: Of course, this isn't your ordinary tugboat! This is like Arnold Schwarzen-boat!

Qutoe 4:

  • Thomas: Hey Hey Whoa Whoa Look What Thomas scare Sombody Off Baby
  • Molly: Ah Thomas
  • Thomas: Lazy Bones These Engines Were Really Biger To Steal My Fish
  • James: Thomas Get Away From There
  • Hank: Don't Look Now But Theres A Chinese Dragon Behind You
  • Thomas:What Is This
  • Chinese Dragon: Roar
  • Thomas:Ah Goash You Look Really Hungry and man In The Trow!!!!
  • Hank: Lets Get Out Of here
  • Chinese Dragon: Growl!!!!!!!

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