Jack's Adventures of Homeward Bound 2: Lost in Great Waterton is a Thomas/Mickey's Adventures of Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey FL parody with clips and Mickey's Adventures of Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco audio made by smurf3126.


  • Jack as Mickey Mouse
  • More Coming Soon


Quote 1:

  • Jack: Let us guessed right, Thomas?
  • Thomas: Right Jack. 'Cos what's hauls, no brains, spins around and screams like a baby?
  • Alfie: That's right!
  • Hank: Now I remember!
  • Bluenose: I don't know, what?
  • Thomas: [rolls tunnel over] You guys.

Quote 2:

  • Jack: [he and Alfie and Hank were left behind in the alley and start thinking] So...if we don't find our way back to Tidmouth Shed, we'll be stuck in Great Waterton. Guessed it is a big town after all.
  • Alfie: So the more times we'll be in this town and Big Mac and Warrior will use Truck of ACME Drunk Beer to make all of us drunk, the more we'll forget? And then everything and everyone will be forget?
  • Jack: Thomas, James and Molly too! And even Lumiere, Chip and Belle!
  • Alfie: Don't you want to go back to Tidmouth Shed, and they'll catch up soon?
  • Hank: Hold on! We may not remember what we seen, or what we've met three years ago, but we won't forget who our friends are.
  • Alfie: I don't know...
  • Hank: Come on, Jack. Three years ago, when you're in the pound with Alfie, James and Thomas, do you forget about us?
  • Jack: Of course not!
  • Hank: There ya go! No matter what happen, you won't forget!
  • Jack: Right! Thank you, Hank.
  • Alfie: Right! Then we'll have nothing to be scared of! Let's go!
  • Jack: Man, those tugboats are worst! Who would have thought of them tried use ACME Drunk Beer to make me forget?
  • [they left to find Lumiere, Chip, Belle, Thomas and Emily]

Quote 3:

  • Henry: Well, this is it. Home sweet home. Hey, it's nothing fancy, but the price is right, and nobody bothers us, so you guys can stay as long as you like.
  • James: Thanks, Henry. You're very kind.
  • Molly: Right, if he's so kind, why doesn't he help us find that bridge?
  • James: We can't leave until we find Thomas, Jack, Alfie, Hank, Lumiere, Chip and Belle.
  • Molly: Why not?
  • James: You know you miss them.
  • Molly: Okay, I miss their stupid jokes, and their stupid faces, and their stupid... stupidness.
  • James: Oh, Molly, stop it.
  • Molly: And I'm stupidly starting to worry about them.

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