Jack & Twister Comics is the longest running AJM STUDIOS comic series created and drawn by USAPatriot, creator of the well known AJM STUDIOS Comic and internet powerhouse, AJM STUDIOS.NET. The series made it's debut in 1996, and has been pumping out comics ever sense.


In 1996, the creation of the first three characters was made, Jack, Becky, and Max. "Jack and Becky Mysteries" was born. Jack being the main star followed by his sister, Becky. In the early days, Jack was more calm, while his sister was the funnier. Their dog, Max was a main character too, being their main hound. The comic was released in Picture/Text Comic format, in books. It followed Jack, Becky, and Max through their funny adventures. As the series progressed, more characters were added, and Twister, more recently just called Twist for short, became Jack's best friend and took the spotlight from Becky more and more. In 1998, the series had a name change, and focus change. The series became known as "Jack

Cover for the 2002 book, "Testing 1,2,3."

and Twister Comics" Comics, not in picture/text book format were made. It was not until 2000 did Picture/text comic books were released with the "Jack and Twister" name. Becky was no longer a main character, but more of a side character, as the new adventures followed Jack and Twister in their many crazy adventures. Max the dog, was still in the comic, but not prominent. In 2002, Picture/Text comics books were the prime way of publication for Jack and Twister Comics, but this high slowed in 2003, and really slowed in 2004 with the end of Picture/text comics. The new top way of publishing Jack and Twister Comics was through simple comic panels. This trend expanded to a high in 2005, and has experienced a steady stream till current day. An estimated 400 plus comics have been released. In 2008, the comic slightly changed the name from "Jack and Twister Comics", to "Jack & Twister Comics." Sadly, most record of "Jack and Becky Mysteries" have been lost over the years. Only a few early drawings of Jack, Becky, and Max are around. But thankfully, since 2000, all record of the comic series is kept safe and away from harm for generations to enjoy.


Jack & Twister Comics have three forms of publication.

Cover for the 2004 book, "Dark Club."


Cover for the 2001 book, "The Lizzy Battle."

Picture/Text Comic Books The first was in picture/text comic books. These picture/text comics were full page drawings with comic book bubble balloons for text. They were binded together and formed books. The last of these types of publications was done in 2004. The last book was titled "Deep Sea Terror." The books had plot lines and stories. They reader would simply turn page by page and enjoy the story that was told through the captivating pages. Each year had a Christmas special as well as other specials. "Christmas Danger" was the first of these types of publications to be made in 2000. A total of 84 books were made in this form of publication. Before 2000, Jack & Twister was called "Jack & Becky Mysteries", which started in 1996, and followed this style of publication.

Panel Comics Like the panel comics you would see in your daily newspaper, Jack and Twister are best shared, and well known for their over 400 plus comic strips. Record of most before 2000 are vague and or lost, but after 2000, they have all been kept safe.

Online Record of Jack & Twister Comics do not have a permenant home online, and can only be seen in few at AJM STUDIOS.NET Discussions have been made to make them more easily available online, but not much has happened.

Jack & Twister Comics Characters

There are over 50 characters and people from within the neighborhood in the comics easily.

Primary Characters



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