Tagline: Coming this summer,

(Pops reads the message)

Pops: Dearest Elsa, please join us for a royal ball in honor of the marriage.

(Elsa has the ring in marriage)

Pops: We can't wait to meet your--

(Jack Frost sees that look on his face)

Pops: Prince Charming.

(Pops ends the message)

Pops: Love, Mom and Dad.

Olaf: Royal ball?!

Jack Frost: We're not going.

Elsa and Olaf: What?!

(The kingdom of Far Far Away and the royal ball both enter)

Duchess: Everyone who's anyone has turned out to honor Princess Elsa and Jack Frost, and, oh my, the outfits look gorgeous and-- Look! Here comes Apple Bloom.

(Apple Bloom faints)

Spike: I hate these ball shows! Flip over to Wheel of Torture.

Cody: I'm not flipping anywhere!

(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

Duchess: Ahh. Who's this? It's the one, the only...

(Jack Frost, Elsa and Olaf go to Far Far Away. Blu and Jewel were excited to see them. The people gasp, a pigeon hits a wall and is dead, and the sounds of a baby crying is heard)

Olaf: Uh, why don't you guys go ahead? I'll park the car.

(Olaf parks the carriage)

Jack Frost: I told you coming here was a bad idea.

Elsa: They're my parents!

Jack Frost: Hello, they locked you in a tower!

(The castle appears with a thunderstorm)

Blu: Wasn't she supposed to kiss Prince Charming and break the spell? I'd like to know how I could get any worse!

Fenguhang: Hello, Blu.

(Blu shrieks)

Fenguhang: We need to talk.

Blu: Actually, Fenguhang, I--

Fenguhang: You remember my son, Nigel?

(Blu gasps)

Fenguhang: Margaret and Nigel will be together.

(Blu goes to the Poison Apple)

Blu: Excuse me? I need to have a guardian taken care of.

Madame Mousey: There's only one fella can handle a job like that.

(Dipper Pines enters)

Dipper Pines: Ha-ha! Pray for mercy from

(A tree is cut with a letter "D" for Dipper)

Dipper Pines: Dipper in Boots!

Olaf: Look out, Jack! He's got a piece!

Dipper Pines: HA-HA-HA!

(Dipper sneezes)

Dipper Pines: Bless me.

Olaf: That is nasty!

Tagline: This summer.

Narrator: This summer.

Olaf: Oh, Jack, don't worry. Things just seem bad because it's dark and rainy and Elsa's father hired a sleazy hitman to whack you.

(Dipper hisses like a cat)

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions presents,

(Jack stretches out his back. Jack Frost and Elsa kiss each other)

Narrator: Jack Frost,

Jack Frost: Aw, let's keep him.

Olaf: Say what?!

Jack Frost: Come on, Olaf, look at him, in these wee little boots.

(Olaf grunts)

Narrator: Olaf,

(Rain appears and Olaf thinks he's melting)


Narrator: Margaret/Elsa,

Margaret: Jack?

Narrator: and Dipper Pines.

Dipper Pines: Are you a baby? I could be.

Title: Jack 2.

Narrator: Jack 2.

Jack Frost: 'Happily ever after" potion.

Olaf: Gimmie that bottle!

(Olaf drinks the potion)

Jack Frost: Olaf, you're a--

Pumbaa: Warthog, baby!

Tagline: Coming soon to your computer.

Pumbaa: I'm trotting! I'm trotting! I'm trotting! I'm trotting in place! Yeah!

(Jack Frost and Elsa look worried)

Pumbaa: What?

Tagline: Jack Frost, Mordecai, Olaf, Pumbaa, Elsa, Margaret, Dipper Pines, Blu, Jewel, Nigel and Fenguhang.

Tagline: Summer 2018.

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