Jack Attack was the board GAJ spawned from on GameFAQs. It was founded by ATHF_Freak, on a dead board for a Commodore 64 game named, yes, Jack Attack.


The GTA SA board was flooded with “Jack is a stupid head” “Why wont Jack shut up” topics, when the Hot Coffee fiasco began. Eventually, a user named ATHF_Freak said enough was enough. He declared that people should move to a dead board on GameFAQs, where they could bitch about Jack as much as they wanted. But, most importantly, they were going to find a way to stop him.

This board was called Jack Attack, an old Commodore 64 game.

Effects and Lifetime

The GTA: SA board was lessened in the amount of Jack-related topics, and the move was successful. Jack's email address was posted, and the Jack Attack-ers were ready to begin their attack.

Plots and ideas were thrown around, and everyone was focused on what they could do to stop Jack’s crusade. The two main ringleaders of this all were ATHF_Freak and Solid Snake.

Eventually, Snake made a topic saying that the board needs a sense of control and leadership. A kind of governing body, if you will, were ideas were given the go ahead or dashed down, for the sake of gamer’s image. This was made due to the number of people posting idiotic ideas or harmful solutions, like killing Jack, throwing eggs at his house, etc.

Snake nominated himself for President, and other people such as The_Easy_Reader also asked for positions.

The Move

Then, ATHF_Freak and Snake had a brainwave: To move to their own site. Free from the GameFAQs TOS, and the ever present danger of being caught by the mods. ATHF and Snake set up a forum called Jack Attack on Free Forum World. They linked to it on the GameFAQs Jack Attack to the off site one, and people quickly signed up. Soon, Snake thought of a better name for Jack Attack, and named it “Gamers Against Jack”

Jack Attack In The Present

Lately, Jack Attack has been abandoned. Now GAJ has found better "shelters." Many including the MSN Boards. Or the Myspace Board. Now "other" GameFAQs members found it, and made several topics. One being a long standing guestbook. Jack Attack really only fills up in emergencies. Other than that, it is abandoned.

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