Jack Cincinatt
Born December 25, 1920 (age 92)
Known for Paramount News
Years Active 1935-present
Associated Acts The Lewis Band
Birth Name Anthony Jack Walker

Anthony Jack Walker, also known as Jack Cincinatt (born December 25, 1920) is the anchor of Paramount News since 1963 and was anchor of CBS Radio TV News from 1945 to 1960. He formerly was the guitarist of a country band known as The Lewis Band, with Altie Lewis as the lead singer.


In 1933, Jack, at age 13, joined a radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. He then told false information on the radio's news broadcast. He was fired in 1935 and joined The Lewis Band under the name Jack Walker. In 1939, the first CBS Radio TV News pilots aired, and Jack's father was the anchor. In 1945, Jack's father died, and joined CBS Radio TV News under the name Jack Cincinatt, which the surname was named after his hometown, Cincinnati.

Anchor career end

In January of 2013, Jack Cincinatt announced the end of his career as a news reporter, expected to leave by Season 52, expected to start airing on September 1, 2013. He is leaving because he is currently having poor health. He says that his grandson, Mark Cincinatt, would take his place.

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