Jack I of Greece and Ireland
King of Ireland
Reign April 29(O.S. April 18), 1710- August 12(O.S. August 1), 1715
Coronation May 1, 1711
Full name Jack Ebenezer Harrison
Titles King of Greece (1689-1715)
Born August 14, 1671
Died December 12, 1742
Ireland Palace
Predecessor Monarchy Established
Successor Tut IV of Greece and Ireland

Jack I (Born Jack Ebenezer Harrison, August 14, 1671 (O.S. August 3) - December 12, 1742 (O.S. December 1)) was known for as the first King of Greece-Ireland from 1710 to 1715. Also he was known for as the 10th King of Greece from 1689 to 1709. He was the only monarch to not be a part of a royal family, and resigned in 1715 because his wife was having a new child. He fathered his first child in 1690. He married in 1689 to Mary of Greece (1668-1754). In 1740 Jack suffered a stroke in his Dublin home. He died in the Irish Palace in 1742, at the age of 71.

Early Life

Jack was born to Tina Torkton-Harrison and Ebenezer Harrison III in Welscon, Ireland (Now known as King Jack's Corner). At the age of 16, Jack met King Tut IV of Greece (1651-1749) and Tut decided to hire Jack as his servant.

Royal Life

In 1689, shortly after Jack's marriage, King Tut's son Tut V refused the throne, so the throne was held down to Jack instead. In 1690, Greece and Ireland had tied in the First Greek-Irish War, so the 2 countrys became 1. The new Greece-Ireland. 19 years later, a royal election was held to start a new monarchy. Tut IV and his servant Marvus Flit (1644-1728) had ran against Jack I and his servant Thomas I (1672-1751). Jack won by a landslide. Jack selected Marvus Flit to be a general for the Greek-Irish army (he kept the job until he died.) Jack selected the following to hold these jobs:

Alexander Stanton (1663-1733): Prime Minister (1710-1720) (Left at the end of Tut IV's first reign)

Rupert Mass (1689-1749): Priest (1710-1713) (Fired for murdering)

Joseph Acre (1688-1808): Priest (1710-1713) (Fired for the same)

Alan Merleton (1690-1780): Church Minister (1710-1732) (Left at the end of Thomas I's reign to become Prime Minister)

Maurice MacGhee (1660-1743): Royal Mail Deliverer (1710-1743) (Died while working)

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