Biography of Supreme Leader for Life Jack Lynch

Jack Lynch was born into a family with a long history of military service which while not particularly distinguished included service in all of Jstan’s major wars. Following the catastrophic defeat of 1929, his family served the in the Loyalist Army until it was defeated in 1931. His grandfather and several uncles were executed in the purge of Loyalists following the Civil War. During the dark days of the Great War, his father was sent to the front as a platoon commander, in spite of his suspect loyalties, because of the severe shortage of qualified officers following the purges and the initial enemy onslaught and the subsequent heavy casualties in the beginning of the Great War. By 1945 his father had compiled a “reliable” combat record and had risen to command a battalion. The war thus provided the Lynch family redemption in the eyes of the state. Following the war Jack’s father was given a post in the Ministry of the State Police which he held until his death in 1994. Jack joined the Naval Infantry in 1981 and served for 24 years before retiring, as a Colonel commanding the 6th Marines in 2005. His service included tours in three wars and it is believed that these tours may color his thinking. He was elected as Supreme Leader for Life in 2006 by the Council for Good and Just Government; the ruling arm of the only political party allowed since 1931. It is believed that Jack has very close personal ties to all of the government ministers as many of these men are known to have served with him. He is known to have very close ties with all senior officers of the Naval Infantry, and many of the Combined Fleet and Expeditionary Corps. Many of these relationships were cultivated during his service. Additionally, his emphasis on modernizing the armed forces has increased his popularity with the rank and file army, air force and navy. This has caused him some friction with the ruling party which sees his increasing favoritism of the military as a threat to its power. Likewise, the proposed granting of greater freedoms has also caused the ruling party some concern. Interested in technology, Jack created the post of Minster of Science and Technology with his first executive order. It is not known how he views the current crisis but it is widely believed that he has strong expansionist tendencies. Rumors exist that Jack also has very close ties with the Ministry of State Police. It is said that these ties were initiated and cultivated by his father.

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