One morning, Jack was putting rocks in the trucks. Meanwhile, Jack is supposed to load the trucks with stone but he slept. Not faraway Diesel was making a plan to send the engines away. Thomas was surprised to see Jack asleep, he was annoyed. Jack was upset, and so they replaced his gear because it was broken. But when Diesel heard this he was pleased. "1 down, 4 to go!" he said. Not far down, Kelly and Isobella were rolling down the road. Diesel trapped them with poles. Emily went to the rescue, and after she pulled them free, she told them to leave the yard. Diesel was happy when he heard this and then he stole some trucks. Thomas found out this and sent Jack to sort his outlet part, but to find that it went wrong, then to Jack. Buster torted down the road and when he saw Diesel he raced after him but Diesel was too fast. Further down the road Jack was doing a joob for Toby. Diesel found out and he screeched to a halt. Jack hauled Diesel to the yard and he was never seen again."I want out!" he said, but Jack ignored him. Until next episode! Everyone cheered for Jack!!!


  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Jack
  • Kelly
  • Isabella
  • Diesel
  • Smudger (cameo)
  • Duck (cameo)


  • This episode marks Smudger and Duck cameo and appears in this episode, but they were not introduced until the next episode.
  • In the US version, Jack's first thing he says is "Ready to roll, I think". In the UK version, he says "Ready to roll, I believe".


  • In the very second shot of this episode, there is a building that is red beside the trucks.
  • It would be dangerous to have Issabella and Kelly to go down a deep slope.
  • Diesel falls smoothly for an unknown reason.
  • Smur should have been in Duck's cab because it's Duck and Thomas' cat.

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