Welcome to Jack Yeovil's Warhammer mini-wiki. This small wiki is devoted to Games Workshop the world of Warhammer as interpreted by Jack Yeovil (the alter-ego of well-respect horror writer and movie reviewer Kim Newman).

Initially this site aims to outline the various characters, history and events as they written in Yeovil's Warhammer novels and short stories.

About Yeovil's Warhammer

As detailed in the Kim's introduction to The Vampire Genevieve, the world of Jack Yeovil's Warhammer was created in late 1988 at the behest of a fellow author and the offer of guaranteed royalties.

What started with the dramatic novel Drachenfels concluded with the publication of Silver Nails (and the long awaited story Warhawk) in 2002. Over the period of some 15 years, Kim (in the guise of Jack) would visit the world of Warhammer at least a dozen times, with each sojourn offering an exciting, and often twisted, vision of a robust and diverse fantasy setting.

Scope of this Wiki

This wiki will cover all of the Warhammer material written by Kim over this period including:

Note: The details various publication dates and reissued editions (including The Vampire Genevieve omnibus - which collects all of Jack's stories) can be found at Kim Newman's own site.

Project Leader's Comments

As way of personal comment, I thought I'd add a few thoughts I have about Kim Newman's offerings in the world of Warhammer. Obviously, as I have created this mini-wiki, I'm a fan of Kim Newman's work in this genre (although I have to admit that I was unaware Jack and Kim were one in the same until the re-release of his books around 2001), and like any fan I have my opinions on my makes his stories as interesting as they are.

However, as I don't want to dilute the rest of this wiki with my personal thoughts, I'll summerise them in the page My Friend Jack.

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