Jack and Kelly is the first episode of the Thomas & Friends seventeeenth season.












-Miss Jenny

-The Mayor of Sodor

-Sir Topham Hatt

-Sir Lowham Hatt (cameo)

-Norman (cameo)

-Den (cameo)

-Nelson (cameo)

-Oliver (cameo)

-Buster (mentioned)


It was a construction day on Sodor, Thomas, James, Percy, Molly and Sir Topham Hatt went to see Miss Jenny and the Pack to inform about the Mayor of Sodor wanted a tower with a lot of offices, so Miss Jenny informed them, Fast, Sir Topham Hatt and the engines dissapear, Miss Jenny choosed 2 vehicles and there where Jack and Kelly, So miss Jenny go to lunch, Jack was interested in the job with Kelly, he wanted to made him a joke, so Jack asked Alfie, so the suggestion Alfie told Jack was to put dinamite on his hook, but Jack wasn't right, so Kelly started to work alone.

Ned and Patrick where carrying wood for the wall, Jack asked him to the joke, but they both told to say about Buster's death!, So Jack was right, so he came to Kelly to make the Joke, Kelly was surprised, he was gonna built with the others very fast to go to say bye to Buster, Alfie, Ned and Patrick appeared there, they told the joke they three decided: Isobella, Max and Monty had burn in the Fire!, Kelly wasn't thinking that's true, then Miss Jenny camed in, he was very surprised, the tower was just at the 4th and 5th level!, so now everybody had to work and work, they heave and haul, lift and load and puff, soon the tower was ready, Thomas camed with the mayor of Sodor and Sir Topham Hatt, Jack and Kelly where happy with themselves.

--Releasing Data--

  • Date of Air: January 14th 2013 (UK), March 1st 2013 (US)----- Running time: 9 minutes.

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