Jack and the Magic Construction Road is a Jack and the Pack/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL parody. It will be made.


  • Jack as Thomas
  • and more


Jack and his friends had to run the Construction Road while The Foreman is on his holiday. But then, Arry, Bert, and George are out to kill Giselle the Dump Truck and Lumiere from Shining Time Castle is run out of sparkles. Now it's up to Jack to save Giselle the Dump Truck and the Magic Construction Road

Quotes 1

  • Jack: Lumiere! Lumiere!
  • Lumiere: Jack!
  • Jack: Thank grotto, you're safe!
  • Cogsworth: Come on Belle. Hi cus. Enjoy the sun?
  • Lumiere: No Cogsworth, I'am not. As a matter of fact, I just from a stemroller. Cogsworth. Were have you been?
  • Jack: Uh, is your sparkles back Lumiere?
  • Lumiere: No Jack, it isn't. But, I do know the clue.

Quotes 2

  • Jack: It is dark, and cold, and bumpy. But I'm not afraid. Oh, there's the missing coal truck!
  • Belle: Coal truck? "Stuck up in the magic in the mountain" That's part of Lumiere's clue to his gold dust!
  • Jack: And Belle, that's what you do with coal: "Stock it up to make steam". We're going to be really reliable and help Lumiere. We're going back for that coal truck. (Then going backwards) Buffers, coal truck. We're starting solving the mystery Belle. (Then couples to the coal car and starts off)
  • Belle: You're a really useful Truck Jack.

Quotes 3

  • Jack: Morning Ned. What's the matter?
  • Ned: I got boiler ach.
  • Jack: And I'm collecting 1 2 3 4 5 6 trucks of special Island of Sodor coal for you.
  • Ned: Oh, thank you Jack. Special Coal will make me feel much better.
  • Add more quotes please?

Opening credits

Walt Disney Pictures and Columbia Pictures presents a JoesphcCL93 film Peter Fonda Mara Wilson Alec Baldwin as Lumiere and Jack the Truck Jack and the Magic Constructuin Road Directed by JoesphcCL93.

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