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  • Jack as Bob (Bob's voice suits Jack)
  • Isobella as Wendy
  • Alfie as Spud
  • Elizabeth as Mrs Potts
  • Kelly as Mr Dixon
  • Buster as Farmer Pickles
  • Madge as Mrs Percival
  • Byron as Mr Bentley
  • Trevor as Tom
  • Caroline as Pilchard
  • Terence as Mr Beasley
  • Bulgy as Robert
  • Butch as Bird
  • Ned as Squawk
  • Jeremy as Mr Sabatini
  • Nelson as Mr Fothergill
  • Patrick as Sprat
  • Kevin as Hamish
  • Harold as JJ
  • Max/Monty as Sonny/Saffron
  • Thumper as Leo
  • Nigel as Chef
  • Owen as Curtis
  • Bulstrode as Baz
  • Colin as Pablo
  • Captain as Carlos
  • Reg as Piper
  • Tiger Moth as Mr Mockney
  • Lorry 1 as Mr Ellis
  • Lorry 2 as Mr Costello
  • Lorry 3 as Mr Stevens
  • Bulgy's Friend as Tommy
  • George as Sandy
  • Oliver (Pack) as David
  • SS Vienna as Dot
  • Princess Alice as Mrs Broadbent
  • Sally as Mrs Beasley
  • Lillie Lightship as Molly
  • The Duchess as Annie
  • Pearl as Meg
  • Petra as Cassie
  • Olympia as Maria
  • Margaree Pride as Mila
  • Bonnavista as Saffi
  • Gloria Cornwalls as Dora
  • Julia as Doris
  • Queen Stephanie as Jenny
  • Katherine as Mavis
  • Isabel as Pam Goody
  • Rebecca as Mrs Sabatini
  • Freda as Jana Von Strudel
  • Constance as Vet Tilly
  • Ten Cents as Finn
  • Hercules as Pirate Brickbeard
  • Warrior as Marjorie
  • Big Mac as Tony
  • James as Scoop (Scoop's voice suits James)
  • Emily as Lofty
  • Daisy as Muck (Muck's voice suits Daisy)
  • Duck as Roley
  • Mavis as Dizzy
  • Gordon as Travis
  • Oliver as Scrambler
  • Donald as Packer
  • Douglas as Dodger
  • Edward as Tumbler
  • Henry as Skip
  • Rosie as Benny
  • Molly as Trix
  • Thomas as Flex (Flex's voice suits Thomas)
  • Percy as Bristle
  • Toby as Splasher
  • Bertie as Scoot
  • Gremlin as Scruffey
  • Boco as Zoomer
  • Bill/Ben as Gripper/Grabber
  • Flora as Sumsy
  • Stepney as R Vee
  • Derek as Jackeroo
  • D261 as Rubble
  • Harvey as Sprouts
  • Arthur as Scratch
  • Fergus as Kevin
  • Murdoch as Tinky
  • Spencer as Boris
  • Neville as Stu
  • Billy as Dil
  • Belle as Lilly
  • Millie as Betty
  • Whiff as Two Tonne
  • Hank as Tiny
  • Stanley as Alfred
  • Hiro as Betsy
  • Victor as Phillip

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