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  • Jack as Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr)
  • Alfie as Mr. Conductor (George Carlin)
  • Isobella as Stacy Jones
  • Patrick as Schemer
  • Byron as Billy Twofeathers
  • Kelly as Harry Cupper
  • Madge as Kara
  • Buster as Dan
  • Caroline as Tanya
  • Dyson Lorry as Becky
  • Bertie as Matt
  • Oliver as Kit
  • The Foreman as JB King
  • Trevor as Mayor Flopdinger
  • Nelson as Mr. Nicholas
  • Elizabeth as Vickie
  • Bulstrode as Hobart Hume
  • George as Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin
  • Bulgy as Sledgebolt
  • Ned as Barton Winslow

Garfield Characters as Thomas Characters

  • Orson as Thomas
  • Edward R. Furrow as Edward
  • Odie as Henry
  • Garfield as Gordon
  • Roy as James
  • Bo as Percy
  • Plato as Toby
  • Wade as Duck
  • Winston as Oliver
  • The Weasel as Diesel
  • Michael Crab as Boco
  • Mona as Daisy
  • Penelope as Mavis
  • Jon as Sir Topham Hatt

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