Jack and his Pack friends are all machines at the Sodor Contrustion Site and all members of the Company or as thier leader, Miss Jenny, calls it "The Pack" After the Pack had their first job they were all in trouble. Here are the machines but first newthe steamrollers:

Edwin - A proud and conviced steamroller who doesn't complain and always doing his best.

Ty - The steamroller with lots of coal in him. Thomas teased him when he first joined the Pack.

Ananica - The most devilish steamroller the Pack ever had. When she first joined the Pack, she got in big trouble.

Nelly - A nice steamroller but mean as George when they both agree to something.

Now here are the new excavators:

Roddin - A not-so clever excavator who is always will to help whenever he can .

Dongle - A helpful and useful excavator who always help Alfie when he's in trouble.

Flenn - Sometimes this excavator can get cross when she is not incuded in any jobs.

Now here are the new steam shovels:

Rodrick: A dirty steam shovel who always do things wrong and always looking dirty.

Fern - Ned's boyfriend who will work with Ned at any special job.

Herry - A cheerful steam shovel who will always be useful but not careful.

Doager - He will work with Jack often but he mostly works with Kevin or Irmi

Now here are the steam tow trucks:

Irmi - A helpful steam tow truck that will always help Jack when he gets into trouble.

Kevin - A cheerful tow truck who loves his friend Irmi and always works with him.

Now here are the road cranes:

Manny - A grand crane who always gets excited when he gets to helo someone.

Luclie - A quiet crane who does her jobs without making a mess.

Archie - Andy the crane's boyfriend who sometimes gets in Nelson's way.

Andy - A careful but always useful crane who will work for Kelly or Kevin.

Now here is the trucks:

Emma - A rather bossy truck who always insult Alfie in a cheeky way.

Tyler - A careless truck who sometimes gets in Oliver's way.

Rosia - A nice and poilte truck who will pay no rudeness to the rest of the Pack.

Now here is the final group which is the fork lit machines:

Fiona - who is a shy but cheerful machine when she is given a special job.

Roger - A tempered machine but always doing his best.

Pieper - who is everyone's friend and always having fun and being useful.

So that is the entire Pack. Enjoy reading this! :)

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