Jack in the Box (The Children's Channel) is a digital children's television channel from Pre-schoolers


  1. Babar
  2. Bananas in Pyjamas
  3. Barney and Friends
  4. The Big Garage
  5. Bobby's World
  6. Bod
  7. Bug Alert!
  8. Bump
  9. Busy Buses,
  10. Button Moon
  11. Care Bears
  12. Charlie Brown Specials
  13. Chorlton and the Wheelies
  14. Christopher Crocodile
  15. Clangers
  16. Cockleshell Bay
  17. Creepy Crawlers
  18. Crystal Tipps and Alistair
  19. Dappledown Farm
  20. Dinobabies
  21. Edward and Friends
  22. The Fruities
  23. The Forgotten Toys
  24. Fun Song Factory
  25. Gran
  26. Henry's Cat
  27. Huxley Pig
  28. James the Cat
  29. Jim Henson's Animal Show
  30. Johnson and Friends
  31. Kitty Cats
  32. The Little Green Man
  33. Morph
  34. Mr Benn
  35. Mr Men
  36. My Little Pony
  37. Noddy
  38. Old Bear Stories
  39. Our House
  40. Ovide and the Gang
  41. Philbert Frog
  42. Potsworth & Co
  43. Professor Bubble
  44. Puppydog Tales
  45. The Raggy Dolls
  46. Ripley and Scuff
  47. Rosie and Jim
  48. The Shoe People
  49. Stoppit and Tidyup
  50. Topsy and Tim
  51. The Wind in the Willows
  52. Wizadora
  53. The Wombles

Host by Sophie Socket, Dave Benson Phillips, Wizadora, Tatty Bogle, Ozzie, Barney, B1 and B2, Johnson, Granny Bananny, Doodle Bug, Rosie and Jim, Ripley and Scuff and Mystic Mug

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