Jacob Balog is the current Political Views leader in Atlantis. H is the most fluent speaker of the national language Chykkooe, he constantle adds to the phonics of the language. It was compleated in 2007.


Early Atlantian Life

"To live life and die ashamed is as of not living life at all"

-Jacob Balog Scholar from his Imperial Days

When introduced to Atlantis Jacob imediatly clung to it. He became a High Preist and teacher to the scholars of Atlantis.

Imperial Life

He himself became a governer after Mathew the Weak died. He also aided in the field of intelegence and imagination to the first Emperor Benjamin. He worked in many fields while living under the Empire including Battle Prayers and planing on the hosile take over of Preporia. Jacob soon thought with his fello coulegues that one way to enlarge Atlantis is to build North.

The Republic

In the Republic Jacob hepled the Politics and all political views. He along with Consular Ben and Consular Jason built the New Republic and lifted atlatis out of its mess. A few months after the expantion to the north Consular Balog dissapeared in his quest to create the new Constitution of Atlantis and to create a more strict law. The consular came back from his exile and can be reached at either:


Jacob is inclined to have many relationships but he only ever had three girlfriends. His first girlfriend was Erica. He and her began to gate in Chicago around 2004. They had a mininmum of four months to six months of time together. When he had other things to do they moved on and she neve spoke to him again. In 2006 he met Amanda whom came to his 'Atlantian' life as well as his real life. Amanda the Beautiful and Jacob the Great wroth Mathew the Weak before his infamous death on October the seventeenth 2006. Amanda had to leave as did Jacob. On April the twentyeth 2008 they broke up. Jacobs third girlfriend is not to be mentioned as to precautions agains writting about someone without permition. Sabrina (Bree) Is Jacobs latest, however news is that there is soon to be a break up over some CHEATIN ISSUES. Aparently Marco and Bree two members have been seeing eachother in the last two moths of Jacobs absence.


Every year there are two solstices and two equinoxes. These are meeting times. The Winter and Summer Solstices are held in person and the Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes are held personaly or otherwise online. Jacob came up with this system as a way for the 'Boys' to keep in touch.

All events on this and other Atlantian pages are true. All these things are happening in a small village. No actual government is involved. This is an indapendant society.

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