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Jacqui Cheng Productions (2005-Now)


  • Episode 1 Jungle

Jungle, River, Lake and Tree, Gorilla Jungle, Jungle Land.

Episode 1 Jungle

Episode 1 Jungle

  • Episode 2 Mars

Mars, Martian, Rover, Canyon, Mars Cavern, Mars Valles Marineris.


Episode 2 Mars

  • Episode 3 Bathroom

Bathroom, Toilet, Sink, Bathtub, Shower, Towel, Soap, Toothbrush and Toothpaste.

Bathroom Design

Episode 3 Bathroom

  • Episode 4 Cave

Cave, Cavern, Waterfall, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Dark Caves and Limestone Caves, Chauvet Cave, Cave of Forgotten Dreams.


Episode 4 Cave

  • Episode 5 Moon

Moon, Tommy Dawkins Moon, A Trip to the Moon, Man on the Moon, Wolf Moon, Moon Rock, Moon Dust, Fly Me to the Moon, Moon Base, Moon Cavern, I Love Moon, Moonlight, Rocket on Moon.


Episode 5 Moon

  • Episode 6 Jungle 2

    Episode 6 Jungle 2

Jungle Tree, Jungle Hut, Jungle Cave, Jungle Waterfall, Jungle Palm, Bungle in the Jungle, Jungle Plants, Jungle Bush, I Love Jungle, Jungle Snake, Jungle Monkey, Amazon Jungle, Jungle Crocodile, Jungle River.


  • Jacqui Cheng World: Cave and Moon (UK October 24 2014)
  • Jacqui Cheng World: Jungle and Cave (UK March 23 2016)


  • Jacqui Cheng World Sponsorship of The Martian (2015) (Sep 2015-Oct 2015)


Winner Jacqui Cheng World: Jungle Jacqui Cheng Awards 2005
Winner Jacqui Cheng World: Mars Jacqui Cheng Awards 2008
Nominated Jacqui Cheng World: Bathroom Jacqui Cheng Awards 2010
Winner Jacqui Cheng World :Cave Jacqui Cheng Awards 2011
Winner Jacqui Cheng World: Moon Jacqui Cheng Awards 2013
Winner Jacqui Cheng World: Cave and Moon Jacqui Cheng Awards 2014
Winner Jacqui Cheng World: Jungle 2 Jacqui Cheng Awards 2016

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