Jade is a charectar in T-o-s (CS).

Name: Jade.

Born: November 8th, 1981.

Age (34).

T-o-s (CS)

Jade appers in one episode called Max Fans Out where she tried to challenge Max in a fight but he blocked all of her moves. Max gave her a circle with sparkles in them causing her to fall to the ground as a result she melted in the river this is due that her head had paint on it.

In The Acrabatic Club Jade re-apper'd and seemed to have died and she transfer's her voice to Joardan's.

By: Roc.


In real life Jade is friendly, caring and forgives people for all their wrong things, she even gives hugs to people except for people she does'nt know.

By: Roc.

Personality in T-o-s

In the T-o-s series Jade is evil, cruel and always tells the truth but she challenge Max to a fight but Max blocked her moves. Jade was sent to a river, she gave her voice to Joardan's and John, Lenny, Kyle, Max and Tim put her into the sky where she could never control anyone ever again.

By: Roc.

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