Jae Millz (born Jarvis Mills on September 11, 1983) is an American rapper from Harlem, New York. He is the flagship artist for Wanna Blow Entertainment.


Early years

Born in Washington Heights, New York City, Jae Millz recalls his earliest memories of music through his mothers diverse record collection. In 1997, while attending New York's High School of Art and Design, Millz honed his lyrical abilities in the lunchroom by battling all challengers. After taking his verbal ferocity out on the streets of Harlem, at the age of 15, Millz was noticed by Tupac Shakur's wife at the time, Keisha Morris, while he was battling outside his younger brother's basketball game.

Music career

She introduced him to the Wanna Blow Entertainment's co-CEOs, Nige and Tone. Soon after that pivotal moment, Millz was soaking up game from some of raps biggest talents including P. Diddy, Lil Kim, Mase and Mysonne, whom he credits with making an indelible impression on him. Millz has made a name for himself through countless freestyle battles, mixtapes & Smack DVD apparences that has earned him legendary underground status. He also appeared on MTV's Making the Band Season 2 in 2003 where he was asked by P. Diddy to battle E. Ness from Da Band. The battle was judged by P. Diddy and lasted about an hour, however about 45 minutes of the battle never made it onto the T.V. show. The majority of the uncut battle can be seen on the internet which shows Millz took the battle in the last round; however P. Diddy, who had to show no favoritism, decided to declare the battle a draw. Soon after Jae Millz signed to Warner Bros. Records. While at Warner Bros. Records, Millz released his first single "Rude Boy Get Up (No, No, No)" and shot a video for it in Jamaica. Not long after this the deal with Warner Bros. fell through.

Debut album

His debut album was supposed to be released as a joint venture with Wanna Blow and Warner Bros. Records in 2004. He left Warner for SRC/Universal and for the next two years, Millz prepped for an album's release, dropping singles such as “Streetz Melting” produced by Swizz Beatz, “Bring It Back” feat. Jadakiss and “My Swag” produced by Scott Storch but Universal never made a video for any of them.

Eventually leaving SRC, he hopes to release the album in June 2008 and he has begun working on his second album Harlem Nightz.[citation needed]

It is reported that 2008, Jae Millz has signed with Lil' Wayne and his Young Money Entertainment.



  • "No No No"
  • "Streetz Melting"
  • "Who"
  • "Bring It Back" feat. Jadakiss
  • "My Swag"
  • "Holla at a Playa"


  • Harlem Nights
  • Once Upon a Time in Harlem Vol. 2
  • Nothing but the Freestyles
  • Back to the Future Vol. 1
  • Last of the Best
  • The Time Is Now
  • Zone Out Season
  • The Streets
  • The Millz

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