Jaffeland is a country in the world. It is to the east of Milneland and close to, although not touching, the other Lands (Mayerland, Mooreland, Wightman Land, and Fugaland).


Jaffeland is one of the largest countries in both area and population. Cities in Jaffeland include:


  • MaLow


  • Computon


  • Closequa


  • Rivesbergh


  • Carlsbergh
  • Newbergh
  • MaTay
  • Book Shalf
  • New Roomia
  • New Beachington
  • Mount Roy City
  • Newton
  • Naples
  • Pillsville
  • Bokertown


The national sports in Jaffeland are baseball and football (soccer). Hockey, basketball and other sports are also played. At one point in history American football was the national sport but nowadays few people play it.

The national football (soccer) league is called the JLSL. There are currently 32 teams in it.


In terms of political views, the average Jaffelandian would probably be described as centre-left. There are two dominant political parties in Jaffeland; the Democrats and the Republicans. The Democrats are generally seen as being left-wing, while the Republicans are more right-wing. However, both parties occasionally come to the centre of the political spectrum, most notably in the 2004 presidential election.

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