Jaffeland Music Scene

The Jaffeland Music Scene is varried per region, but mostly consits of Rock, and Electronica.


Taroom, because of its many urban areas, has a very large music scene. In TaHigh/Malow many bands such as The Strokes (Garage), The Green Hedges (Garage), Mayan Temples (Alt-Country Early, Anti-Folk later) and a wide range of other hit bands.


Basemont has many bands such as, The Mars Volta (Progressive Rock), Film School (Indie), Hecktown (Soft Metal), Dot Com (Indie), The Cartoons (Skate Punk), and many other bands.


Not surprisingly, Garon has a lot of country bands. However, it has one other band: Purple Houses (Shoegazing), who were originally considered losers because they were the only ones in their town who weren't rednecks. However, they later moved to Trisquare.

Old Maroom

Old Maroom is famous for its major indie scene. Not only are the White Stripes, and Jimi Hendrix from the state, many artists such as The U-Men (Garage), Garom (Folk-Rock), and The Creeps (Blues-Rock), are all from Old Maroom.

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