The60Film's movie-spoof of "The Black Cauldron".


  • Taran - Jago (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) 
  • Eilonwy - B. Orchid (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) 
  • The Horned King - Gargos (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) 
  • Fflewddur Fflam - Luigi (Mario Bros.) 
  • Gurgi - Young Tod (The Fox and the Hound) 
  • Dallben - Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures) 
  • Dallben's Cat - Kipper the Dog 
  • Hen-Wen - Oswald the Octopus's Dog (Oswald)  
  • King Eidilleg - Thaddeus Toad (The Wind in the Willows) 
  • Doli - Himself 
  • Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch - Mirage (Aladdin (TV Series), Mrs. Tweedy (Chicken Run), and Mother Gothel (Tangled) 
  • Creeper - Rover, Fido and Spot (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 
  • Gwythaints - Themselves 
  • Sleeping Guard - Ratchat (Robots) 
  • The Horned King's Henchmen - Fulgores (Killer Instinct 2/Gold) 
  • Dancing Woman - Rosalina (Mario Bros.) 
  • Guard who Spotted and Attacked Taran - Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat Video Games) 
  • Another Guard with a Sword - Baraka (Mortal Kombat Video Games) 
  • Fairfolk Little Girl - Lilo (Lilo and Stitch) 
  • Fairfolk Little Boys - Zephr (The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2), Pinocchio (Pinocchio (1940)), and Christopher Robin (Pooh) 
  • Other Fairfolk - Townspeople (Hercules) 

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