Jahara Tal, just after joining the Sith Hunters

Jahara Tal was one of the 'new' Sith Hunters, the last to be recruited during the wars with the Sith Dominion and the Galactic Alliance. She was once close friends with Danielle Bayers and pushed her way into the Sith Hunters with hopes that she could eventually confront and turn her friend from the Dark Side. Until Danni became Charna, Jahara was much more confrontational of the two. This was likely due to her Corellian origin and the fact that she was brought to the Jedi at the age of four years and even at that young age had already begun to form her own opinions of how the galaxy ought to be.

Pre-Jedi Life

On more than one occasion during her early years, Jahara Tal would wander away from her mother in busy locations. While it frightened her parents many times, they soon became accustomed to their daughter's habit, especially after they discovered that she would always make her way home. It was this instinctive knowledge of where 'home' was located that first suggested to the girl's parents that she was no ordinary little girl.

When she was three years old, Jahara and her parents were visited by a Jedi from Ossus. He claimed he'd felt the Force directing him to Corellia, even to their house and he wanted to see the children. At the time, Jahara was an only child and her parents brought her out to see the Jedi. Initially, he was a little surprised, for it seemed to him that Jahara was a blank spot within the Force. Then, he realized that he was witnessing a form of defense mechanism the little girl was unintentionally using. And that astonished him.

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