name=Jaina solo


home planet=coruscant

date of birth=9ABY

eye color=blue

hair color=blonde/brown

"I allways wanted to know how a lightsaber worked, can I take yours apart Uncle Luke?"


"I name you the sword of the jedi... yours is restless life, and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace you give others." -Luke skywalker

Jaina is the child of Han and Leia Solo and was named after hans mother. she has two brothers, Jacen and anakin. like her father, uncle, and her grandfather[anakin skywalker] Jaina was a talented mecanic and pilot from a young age. even before she and her brother was born their uncle luke skywalker could sence their strong presence in the force and the two shared an inseparable mental bond. Jaina started her jedi traningat the age of eight with her twin brother at her uncle's jedi praxeum on yavin4 and had many adventures with her friends lowbacca, tenel ka, zekk, and her brother,jacen. As her training progressed, jaina had becomeone of the academy's most powerful students.




"Mom and dad never act this weird unless they're worried about us three little darling." "thats for sure, they sure do worry." "Come on jacen, if you were our parents wouldn't you worry?"

-jacen and jaina

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