A playstation game series that is produced by Naugty Dog. So far there have benn 5 games released in the series they are Jak and Daxter, Daxter(a game for the PSP) Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X. There is also a rumored sixth game that has not yet been officially announced.

Jak and Daxter



Jak: The star of Jak and Daxter, he is a mute boy who has a crush on the green Sages daughter. He begins to demonstrate a narural ability to harness eco when he travels on a dangerous quest to try and save his best friend Daxter, who was turned into an ottsel.

Daxter: Jak's best friend, he has a big mouth and is always being bailed out by Jak. He often gets into trouble and then needs Jak to save him.

Keira: The daughter of the green sage, she is a natural at fixing equipment. It was Keira who first created the zoomer. She also has a secert crush on Jak.

Samos Hagai (The green sage): Is one of the 4 sages, he is a master of green eco, an eco that roprovides health. He is often short tempered with Daxter and worned JAk not to go to the island where Daxter was transformerd into an ottsel. He is also the father of Keira

Gol Acheron: Gol is a master of dark eco, he is the one Jak and Daxter try to seek out during their quest to reverse the affects of dark eco that turned Daxter into an Ottsel.


Jak II

Jak 3

Jak X: Combat Racing


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