Jake is a charectar in Finding Murph.

Name: Jake.

Born: March 5th, 1981.

Likes: Humans.

Personality type: Nice (he wants pets of his own).

Pets: Alex the  Lion, Markey the Chimpanzee.

Murph (4 days).

Goal: To capture Murph.

Fate: Arrested by policeman (due to capturing Murph).


Jake was born on March 5th, 1981 in New York City. He cared about his family very much as much as caring about anyone else.

Life as an adult

In 1997 Jake turned 17 and continued living in New York City but he did'nt start working as a zoo-keeper in the New York City Zoo until he turned 41 years old In 2021.  He had Alex and a Chimpanzee before Murph.

He took Murph to The New York City Zoo but he never actually hurt any of his pets or Murph.

His family knew he'd never hurt anyone.  He saw that Murph was being rescued.

He tried capturing Donny. Donny put paint in Jakes body wich went ontop of bubbles. 

Jake flew up into the sky and was sent to one cloud.

Afterwards he fell from the sky and escaped from policeman because they wanted to take him to jail.

This means he'll apper in the third movie if it's made. 

By: Roc.

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