Name: Jake Daniels Age: 38 Affiliation: Jedi Weapon: Jedi Lightsaber (Single Blade-Purple) Fightinf Style: Jedi Technique Form VII

First Jedi Master: Row Gleen Former Padawans: Asha Missir, Lagos Demonwind, Valla Chi, Janos Aurios, Lana Kaeler, Lee Valentine, J'andon, Eeroki, Sarai Jonay, Rithorian, Zaine, Jrue Christian, John Roberts, Ian Weathers, Kodo, Alric, Iris First Sith Master: Darth Bliss Second Sith Master: Darth Malevolent

Current Enemys: 1) Darth Veil (cause of death of Ciara and Jakes child) Closest Friends: 1) Mar'and Boolin

Type of Ship: Corellian Corvette Droid: DXZ7 Ship and Droid Color: Silver with purple markings.

Bountys: Posted by Sith/G.N.C: 375 Million Posted by others: 180 Million

Intimate Relationships:

As a padawan learner, Jake had a one nighter with a waitress named Gia Rio. She later gave birth to Adrian, Jakes son, without letting the Jedi know. She trained him to kill his father, though in the end, Adrian fell to his fathers own blade. After Gia and while in the Legion, Jake had a serious relationship with Melcia Sarenth. Jake loved her and the two were to be wed but when Melcia found out about Jakes son, she broke of the engagement and she soon vowed revenge on Jake. Years went by and Jake developed a breif relationship with Darth Veil, secret to all, even those in the councils on the Sith and Jedi, no one has yet to find out about the outrageous and dangerous love relationship. When war broke out between the Sith and Jedi, Jake and Veil ended their relationship and Jake started one up with Asha, his padawan. The two were wed and Asha gave birth to Jani Leah. Their relationship fell apart because each had an affair and Jake put the Jedi Order before his family, something Asha did not want. When Asha had an affair with Orbisis, the Sith ruler, Jake had one with Ciara. Ciara became pregnant with Jakes child (Rachael Yasmean) though the child was lost when Veil attacked the pregnant Master. Jake beat Veil to a hairs width from death, even though the two had a history. As of now, Jake has reconciled with Asha Missir-Daniels, his wife.


When working in the temples or in on official Jedi business, Joaquin wears all black robes. His outer robes, belt and boots are all black. His pants and outer shirt are violet and his undershirt is black. When he has alone time or is on his own, Joaquin wears denim pants, black ankle boots, and solid color tees. When in physical training, a simple pair of jogging pants and muscle tees are his assortment. Physically he is a ideal specimen. His hair is short and sandy blone, his icy blue eyes narrow with high cheek bones. He wears a serious face but it does relax to a happy state when around people he trusts. Even though he is near middle age, he appears in his late twenties, partly due to the good aging of Dantellians but also because he does not grow beards. On his right arm he wears the name of every war he has fought in. Physical fitness is a huge objective for him as he wants to set an example for the younglings, which is why he is so fit.

Personality: Jake is one with his emotions. Most Jedi around him shield their emotions from affecting their judgement and do not rely on them, Jakedoes. By nature, he wears his emotions on his sleeve, if he is annoyed or angry, people around will know it. He does not believe in hiding them. Jake is careful though, as he knows that emotions can overtake a person so he always keeps a slim level of control. Only once did he lose control of his emotions which was during the third Dantellian Wars, when he executed the Military leaders behind the grousome attacks on the four childrens day care centers, during this, he had a momentary lapse in judgement and let his grief and anger take control. He became their judge and executioner even though there were other Jedi around.

       Daniels is known to lose some judgement in chaotic situations. In such situations that are getting out of control, Daniels tends to forget about those around him, even those under his command, and he goes rogue and does what he thinks is best, even if it does more harm for the fight than good. When it comes to him personally, Jake is sarcastic. Even though he never truly ‘knew’ his father on a personal and deep level, he picked up one of his fathers attributes from the infrequent home visits… sarcasm. Jake uses this as a shield when he is uncomfortable, especially around close friends and more specifically, around women he is attracted too. 
       When not in the heat of battle and when sitting with company he respects, Jake is laxed. He is laid back, tolerant to a point (some things he does not put up with such as jokes or comments about dead, dieing or missing Jedi, both of past Jedi and current). When around people he does not know, he comes off rash, cocky, stubborn and headstrong. His fear is that he and his followers will be deemed weak if he shows a weakness of any kind so his will always throw his own thoughts and opinions into the mix, no matter who is around. After the deaths of his father and mother, Jake lost his trust in many Jedi. Personally he felt that had any other Jedi helped him, they would still be alive. Jake does not fear death, to a point he welcomes it. Jake has always wanted a family of his own but is scared to get close to any woman based on the passings of his parents and the rocky marriage he has had with Asha, though she is still the only Jedi he can currently trust.
       When it comes to friends, Jake does not have many. In fact he has only a couple. Mar'and Boolin was one of his closest. Even though they do not share their same views on everything, they respect and honor one another because they have grown up together under Jedi training. Jake was close with Mar'and, their friendship (more brother-brother). When Jake was taken to Picor, he became a shell of his former self.  He quickly buried his conscious and his soul so that no man would ever take it.  While at the prison, Daniels developed a severe fear of needles.  When he returned to the Jedi after his escape, he stayed away from Jedi Healers, fearing they would do to him, what Picor officials did. Many healers do not attempt to mess with Jake as they know, as well as he, they he would act violently. Because of his experiences with his father, whom was never around and the blame he gives the Jedi Order in relation to his parents deaths, it takes people of great integrity, inner strength and understanding to have his trust and friendship.


Jakes greatest strength is his knowledge of combat. Having served in several wars, he has gained the needed mental capacity to think like a soldier and yet control and conduct himself like a Jedi. His skills in with a lightsaber rival that of any legendary Jedi swordsman. A minor strength of Jake is his photographic memory. Jake is able to take any face he sees and store it into his memory. With this ability he can recall the person and the event he met them in with no trouble. This ability helps to ensure that he is able to know who is good and who is bad, especially if the moment he saw them was mearly breif.


Patience was never a strong point of Jakes. Anxious and somewhat avoidant, Jake does not trust many and as a result his patience lacks. He is head strong and does not like sitting on his hands. Because his patience is so severely lacking, it has resulted in several confrontations with other Jedi and even his old Master, Row Gleen. When it comes to combat, Jake struggles with the force itself, in particular healing. When injured, a normal Master could protect and defend and even to some point heal their wounds to keep fighting, Jake cannot. The best he can do is physically wrap a wound and wait for medical assistance.]


Jake Daniels was born Jacob Anol Daniels, the son of Mayor Maria Daniels and political advisor Jacob Daniels. Daniels was birthed into a relativily weathy family who loved Jake with all of their hearts. Jakes parents met at a politically rally for the current sitting senator. Sparks flew that night and shortly there after, their courtship began. Common movie dates and elegant dinner parties caused Jacob and Marias love to swell to the point that they two were soon to be wed. Maria felt that her time was Mayor of Ple City was up. She wanted to be a good wife and an outstanding mother. She resigned. Jacob remained as a political advisor to the current Dantellian Senator. He loved his job and knew that he could provide well for his family, even if it meant many weeks and months away from them. When Jake was born, his mother and father got him the best. They spared no expense on the finest bottles, clothes, medicines and furniture. Over protective was an understatement for Maria who went as far as to replace every piece of furniture in the home that has a sharp edge or point with more child friendly alternatives. Maria made sure she spent as much time as possible with Jake, which this closeness caused their relationship to mesh perfectly well. With the lack of his presence, Jake did not know his father to well. As a result, whenever his father would appear, Jake would tremble in fear as this unknown man would pick him up and play with him.

When Jake turned six months, he spoke his first words. Normally 'da-da' is easier to say but Jake went against the norm as said 'ma-ma'. Marias heart swelled as her son was growing. When he reached seven months, he was capable of crawling short distances. Proud with each movement, Jake would turn to his mother with the biggest, toothless smile the galaxy had ever seen and give out a small chuckle. The young Jake was turning into a happy child. At the tender age of one, Jake could walk and say a few extra words. When his mothers back was turned, the young Jake would race off into another room. Often times he would run into an object or trip and fall. His screams of pain would alert Maria who would comfort Jake. By the time he turned two, Jake was potty trained, could speak a couple full scentences and was slowly learning the Dantellian alphabet. This aptitude of learning did not go unnoticed as Maria contacted Jacob in Ple City to ask if she could hire a family friend to take care of Jake during the day while teaching him slowly. Jacob did not object.

Maria took Jake to a bookdealer in Ple City. His name was Hanz. His bookstore was small and a little dusty but the man knew history. As a former school teacher, he knew how to teach a child and had already created lesson plans for Jake. Maria greatly thanked Hanz, who was more than happy to help. Hanz taught Jake how to be a gentleman. Instead of grabbing at something, he was to ask. It took awhile to learn this one and so Hanz instituted a training method on Jake that was very psychological. Hanz placed various objects around the book store he knew Jake would go for. When Jake grabbed them off of a table, it would fall to the slightest touch, scaring Jake. Jake soon learned to ask Hanz to get him what he wanted. This was a form of operant conditioning. As Jake went through the next couple of years, his time with Hanz grew and grew. Every day Jake would be happy to go to Hanz as Hanz taught Jake everything from Animals, to letters, to numbers, to colors to even stories of great Galactic wars. Jake loved to hear stories from Hanz, who loved to tell them. When Jake turned four, Hanz noticed Jake memorized every book title and its location in his store. This was one thing Hanz did not teach Jake. The four year old could be asked for any book and Jake would point out where it was. This astonished Hanz, who realized this boy might have more then a special gift. At the end of the week after noticing Jakes remarkable memorization, Hanze informed Maria and Jacob he had an emergency he had to tend too on Coruscant and would be gone a week.

Hanz rushed to Coruscant where he met with a nautelan by the name of Row Gleen. Row Gleen, a Jedi Master and current sitting council member took Hanz back to the temple where Hanz explained of Jake. He informed the Jedi that Jake has great abilities with learning and memorization. Row was unsure of what Hanz was asking so Hanz simply asked his old friend to come back to Dantella with him to meet Jake. Row did not hold expectations of this boy being force sensative. Normally the Jedi Order would sense a young child with possible connections to the force itself. It was extremelly rare these days that a child go unnoticed by the Jedi Council. Row informed Hanz that he would meet Jake at his bookstore but would be a day behind Hanz. Hanz thanked Row and took off, back to Dantella IV. Row kept his promise and set off for Dantella not but a day later. Hanz returned and the first day back, while Row was in route, insured Jake still remembered everything he taught the boy. Hanz tested Jake on colors, the alphabet, stories he had told him and of course his book titles. Hanz was excited.

The next morning, Maria dropped of Jake but was alarmed to see a Nautelan Jedi Master standing behind Hanz's register. Suspiscion rose within Maria but Hanz was quick to explain that Master Gleen was here visiting him. Maria bought the lie and went back home. After Maria left, Row walked over to Jake, who sat staring at a picture book of Dantellian Bears. Row asked Jake about the pictures and the boys imagination took effect. Jake told stories and background stories of each bear in each scene. This imagination did suprise Row. He peered into the boys mind to find complete innocence. Row knew Hanz was right, he could tell Jake had force sensativity. Row spent the day testing Jake on memorization, speaking skills, understanding right and wrong and emotions. Jake passed all of Rows verbal testing, though to Jake, it seemed more like a game. Row decided he would take Jake to Coruscant and put him into youngling classes. Hanz knew this would cause a problem with Jakes parents so Hanz closed shop four hours early and decided to take Row and Jake to the Daniels home.

Maria was again shocked to see Hanz with Row and Jake. Jake ran up the stairs and into his bedroom to play. Master Gleen went strait to the point. He informed Maria about his intentions and instantly she got Jacob on the phone. Jacob and Maria borh objected but Row informed them of Jakes skills. Jacob informed Row that being a Jedi would be suicidal for a Dantellian as not a single Dantellian who became a Jedi ever lived past twenty since all of them in the past had revolted against the Jedi. Row acknowledged the Dark history but promised to look after Jake himself. He informed Maria and Jacob that it is better to recieve proper training than to learn on ones own. Jacob asked if Jake could still visit he and his mother monthly and if they could visit him. Row did not object. Maria went up the stairs to explain to the young boy what was happening. She told Jake he would be going on an adventure and that if he ever needed to come home he could. Jake was excited and left with Row but not before giving his mom and deep, heartfelt hug. Jake walked away with Row to begin his training in the Jedi arts.

When Jake arrived at the temple, he was awestruck at the sure size of the building. Nothing on Dantella could compare to this temple in any way. The young boy was eager to get started with his adventure. Row set up Jake in a youngling room, which Jake quickly made his own. He had lots of pictures of his family and Hanz. He even had a couple of books that Hanz let the young boy borrow. Daniels had a small dresser, a small bed, and a large window. His room as a mat on the floor for meditation and a rocking chair so he could rest. He even found his own restroom. Daniels made a quick call home to let his mother know he was ok. Maria, relieved, relayed the call to Joaquin who still had a few issues with allowing his son to do. Jake began training in the youngling classes the next day. The Youngling Master gave Jake a practice saber and slowly began to teach him how to use it. Jake showed signs of skill with the lightsaber though his skills with the force soon showed limitied. At first, Daniels could not understand how to use the force to detect a small electrical shock from a passing droid. It took nearly two months and a lot of patience from the Youngling Master to teach Jake but once he learned, he was able to hone his saber skills. His next training was in telepathy and telekenisis. Again, Jake was a little slower than the rest of his class but he did learn. Over the course of a couple of years, Jake continued to hone his skills with a lightsaber. On occasion he would be caught sneaking into training sessions of Padawans and their Masters, watching them spar in one of the training rooms.

When Daniels turned 9, he was granted the chance at Graduation. In the order, when Graduation came, any available Jedi that was willing could take on one of the younglings as their padawan. With 30 students, 30 Jedi showed. Two of whom were on the council, and Jake saw Row, who did not seem to notice the now grown Jake. Slowly, one by one each padawan was taken. The two council members and a Jedi Knight. The Knight chose her padawan and walked out, leaving Row Gleen and the second Council member. The other council member waited for Row to select. He chose Jake and the other Youngling went with the other council member. Row congratulated Jake who asked why he and the other youngling were last. Row knew Jake was feeling a little ashamed at himself as he felt being last was a sign of not being as strong as those chosen first. Row explained to both Younglings that the selection was already set up and people came in and just picked up their new padawans. Row had selected Jake but it turned out that he was one of the last to walk out. Jake understood and thanked Row. Row asked Jake about his overall youngling training, to which Jake replied he enjoyed it. Row informed Jake that his skills with a lightsaber were top notch but that his skills with the force really needed improvement. Jake did not deny this as he remembered his first day in the youngling class and getting a small electric shock from a passing droid. Row even had Jake change his room. Basically the same layout but twice as big, Jake loved his new room. Keeping to his youngling days, Jake set it up exactly the same with one small exception. He added a second blanket to his bed. He decided that with each passing advancement in the Jedi Order, he would get one knew thing for his bed, this time, a comforter.

Jakes training to Row was fierce. The two spent many hours a day working with their lightsabers, little did Jake know, Row was the top sabersman in the Jedi Order. Row continued to help Jake develop his skills with the force. He taught Jake how to use the force to run, leap, jump, throw things, pull things, and push things. Just like before, it was a dreadfully slow start. Daniels had trouble connecting to the force and using it at his will. Several years went by and it was not until his seventeenth year of age that he was capable of fully using the force. Daniels skills showed true on a routine check up on Dantooine. There Row and Jake were investigating mysterious slayings. It was found out that wild bore like creatures were hunting down and killing people. In the forest Jake and Row were ambushed by the creatures. Jake used the force to push and pull the creatures around while using his saber to cut down others. Row was impressed with Jake and the two headed back to Coruscant. Row decided to give Jake a two week vacation to rest. Daniels much appreciated it. He did not leave the planet. Daniels went to a local pub his first evening and met a waitress name Gia. The twi’lik waitress was light blue skinned and fair. Daniels was attracted to her. That night the two connected. Daniels spent the next two weeks with Gia. On one morning, Daniels received an urgent message to his com about Row, he was missing and presumed dead. Daniels shot out of bed and rushed out the door. He left a note for Gia on the nightstand telling her of what was going on and that he would be back. As he had closed the door however, the small gust the door caused pushed the letter into a messy trash bin. When Gia awoke, she felt abandoned and alone. She saw that Daniels had gotten up and rushed out but she did not know why.

Jake took off to Tattooine to look for Row. In the middle of the city, Daniels passed by a lot and could not help but smell decaying flesh. He jumped a wall into a speeder impound lot and there he found the body of his Master. Saber burns riddled his body. The Jedi Master had taken a severe beating. Daniels was enraged and demanded to know who did this. Not a single soul knew. They identified a person seen fighting Row a couple days earlier wearing all black and with a green saber but never saw his face in the shadow. Jake was informed Row put up a valiant fight but feel to his opponents lightening fast moves. Jake was devastated. He called for immediate assistance from the temple who dispatched a team of Master to retrieved Jake and the body of Row. While waiting in the lot, Jake was attacked by Rows attacker. The man moved with lightening fast speed. His green saber slashed too and fro but Jake was able to match the man strike for strike. Jakes skills with a saber slightly rivaled that of his attacker. Dressed in all black, the man could not bee seen. Jake lunged forth but a shot of lightening from the attackers hand sent Jake through the windshield of a nearyby speeder. His ribs cracked and glass punctured through his skin, one sharp slicing open his lung. Thinking the Padawan dead, the attacker left. He had waited nearby, knowing that the Master he killed days earlier would have a padawan. Jake slowly blacked out, each breath became shallower and shallower.

Daniels awoke aboard a republic medical ship. Five of twelve council members stood around his bed. Jake could not speak as he still lacked the capacity to inhalf enough to talk. They informed him that his attacker was a Dark Jedi, a rogue of the order who went around taking out Jedi as a sick hobby. They let Daniels know he is the only person to survive such the attacker. The council knew of Jakes emotional pain and told Jake that Row was not a stupid man, he would return to Daniels when Daniels needed him the most. Jake could not speak and pain rippled through his body but tears rolled down his cheeks as he remembered coming across Rows body. Jake felt a failure. With his emotions causing his blood pressure to rise, Jakes lungs stitches split open. Jakes lack of oxygen caused cardiac arrest. The Masters left and medical personal performed another emergency surgery on the Jedi Padawan. The operation was successful but a med droid remained at his side incase of relapse. Jake had a slow recovery due to his grieving. He spent nearly a month on the ship before he was allowed to return to coruscant.

When he returned, Gia had not escaped his mind. Jake wanted to let her know what had happened. When he arrived at her apartment he found it empty.  She was gone and Jake could not feel her through the force. She was not close by.  Jake sat on the floor and could not understand why the recent events where happening.  He thought of Row and why Row would not take Jake with him on a mission.  He thought of Gia and why she would up and leave without at least calling the Jedi temple to see where he was.  His mind was racing and Jake knew he had to get back onto his feet. Jake made a quick stop by Gias resteraunt and was informed Gia quick her job about three weeks earlier.  Jake shook his head in dismay and made his way back to the temple and asked for a meeting with the Jedi Council.  In the meeting Jake noticed only eleven council members. His mind went back to Row. Jake asked for a new Master and just as he finished his question, the council instantly replied with no.  They felt Jake was still to weak and this was not good for him.  Jake was upset as Daniels felt he had to get back into training to get over his emotions. The council again refused.  Jake left, heartbroken and disillusioned. He made his way back to his room, where he began to pack his belongings.  Jake left the temple promising to never return while the current council members were still there.  He went back to Dantella and spent time with his family.  His mother and father listened intently to Jake and his feelings. They let Jake know that no matter what he did with his life, they would always love him.  Jake decided to find himself and left within the same week as appearing. 
Jake inadvertently found the Sith Stronghold.  There Jake was interegated but he showed dark emotion, anger and fear.  The Sith knew Jake needed training in order to be molded quickly.  They gave him the Master of Darth Bliss, a very dangerous and mysterious Sith.  Jake was taught how to harness the Dark Side like he was the light.  He was taught how to combat the form VII fighting technique he learned as a Jedi to make him an even more deadly weapon for the Sith.  After a month, Darth Bliss handed Jake over to Darth Malevolent since Bliss’s other Apprentice returned, Lexia Leaukemia.  Malevolent continued Jakes training.  He taught Jake how to use the saber to strike fear, not hope into people.  After eight month, Malevolent tested Jake. The two engaged in a life or death fight.  The stronger Sith Master knew he would win but wanted to test Jake. Jake put up a fight, a couple of times giving Malevolent a good punch or kick and even came close to slicing off a limb but in the very end, the force was with Malevolent who sent Jake flying into the wall with a sudden burst of lightening. An image of the night he lost the fight to the Dark Jedi raced through Jake, who grew enraged with Malevolent. Darth Malevolent knew Jake was now ready and granted him Knighthood. Jake chose the Darth name of Darth Daniels. He wanted the Universe to know his own name and  not a fake pseudo name.

As a Knight, Jake was rebellious to the Sith. Often starting fights and slaughtering Jedi here and there. Jake had been brainwashed into believing the Jedi were out to kill him. On such a mission of so called revenge, Jake attacked a Jedi Master and a Padawan, a former friend of Jakes. Being beaten down, Jake had support arrive in the means of other Sith such as Mavado Turrell, Melcia Sarenth, Lexia Leaukemia and Darth Bliss. The battle was helacious as more Jedi appeared. In the end, the Sith gained the upper hand as Jake cut down his former padawan friend. Back at the stronghold Mavado and Jake devised a plan to rebel against the Sith. They would form the Legion of the Black Moon. Mavado would be emperor and Jake commander of all military forces. Mavado was the first to split. He took off to Dantella IV, his own home world, along with Jakes to begin his conquest. Jake remained with the Sith, recruiting other Sith to join. On the day of his revolt, Jake got into a verbal spat with Orbisis who placed a electrical dog collar on Jake. Jake sliced the collar off with the blade of his saber and rushed off, heading to Dantella. Following him was Melcia Sarenth and Lexa Leaukemia. When Jake arrived on Dantella, the smell of decaying flesh was in the capitol of Ple City. To Jakes horror every citizen was dead. Jake immediately rushed home to his parents, who were still alive. Jake explained to his parents what was going on but warned them for their own safety to not do anything. They obeyed. Jake returned to the capitol and met with Sarenth, Leaukemia and Turrell. Jake was informed that Mavado has to crush an uprising by poisoning the water of the city. Jake walked to a window to see Dantellian troops tossing dead bodies into piles, then lighting them ablaze, men, women, children, there was no discretion. Jake and the Legion were now monsters, willing to do what was needed for it’s own survival.

After the take over of Dantella IV, Mavado sets his sights on the Manville System. Instead of sending a fleet to them, Mavado planned something more spectacular. Mavado was going to send an entire planet through hyper space. He would take the Manville System by surprise. Daniels led assaults on various technological planets to gather the necessary resources. Around Dantella IV, Mavado constructed a specialized metal hull. With one push of a single button, Mavado moved Dantella IV through hyperspace and into the Manville system. With the arrival of a new planet in the system, other planets were thrown off course. Most fell out of a safe orbit. A couple of planets immediately went into a deep freeze, killing most of the life, another had massive tectonic plate movements that sank most of the land masses on the planet. Mavado immediately sent Jake and his fleet to Manville XIII, the capitol planet of the system. Daniels swooped in like a vulture. They took the planet in less than one hour of combat. Mavado claimed himself ruler of the Maville system but at the cost of nearly two hundred million lives. A once prosperous star system of fourteen planets was now a system of just five life sustainable ones.

Jake soon fell into an infatuation with Melcia Sarenth. She took Jakes heart and the two started out strong. Melcia and Jake went to various diplomatic events with one another, Melcia, the vocal point of the Legion taught Jake how to approach the Senate. She taught him how to conduct himself when he was with politicians and when it was acceptable to use the force to manipulate the minds of weaker ones. Melcia was strong and soon became Jakes life. Nearly a year into their relationship, Jake was abducted by his cousin. His cousin, a republic fanatic wanted Jake dead for turning on his people. Put into a death arena, Daniels was nearly executed but his apprentice at the time created a strike force to save him. Melcia found and got Jake while the apprentice fended off the assaulters. Melcia took Jake back to Dantella IV to recover from the traumatic events. Melcia and Jake took various vacations together when they could, most of the time it was to Coruscant, even though it was a Jedi hotbed. Daniels thought what a better place than on the home planet of the enemy. During a senatorial debate with Melcia, Jake as her bodyguard, word broke out that Mavado Turrell had been assassinated. Jake was immediately ruled as Emperor. Melcia convinced Jake to take the throne as the Legion needed an Emperor before the Sith and Jedi had time to come up with a attack plan. Daniels did just that, within a week of Mavados death, Jake took the throne.

The Legion, under Daniels, becomes even more ruthless. Venegnce killings take place as Daniels taregets Jedi Padawans and Sith apprentices, the new life blood of both orders. On Aquoious the Jedi meet the Legion head on. In a furosious battle, Mar’and Boolin, head Jedi at the time met the Legion Emperor. The two battle. Mar’and skills with the force outshine Daniels who outshines Boolin with the saber. The battle is close to a draw as Daniels is able to defend himself but cannot get an attack off against the more skilled swordsmen. As an explosion rocks the landing pads, Daniels is momentarily distracted and Boolin attacks. Boolin kicks Daniels across the face, then cuts him thrice with his saber. Daniels, now hurt and immobilized from the saber cuts to his arms, lies on the ground. Boolin, ready to finish off the Emperor is called back by Jedi losses. He raced to the hanger bay in time to save one of the seriously injured Jedi. Daniels is found by his soldiers. Jake is taken to the Legion flagship to receive his medical attention but aboard the flagship Daniels is assaulted by an unknown man. The man pummels Daniels in his recovery quarters. Melcia fights off the man with a serious force Psyche attack.

Back on Dantella and four months after the events of Aquoious, Daniels proposes to Melcia who instantly accepts. The two begin to plan their wedding day in grand fashion. During a trip to coruscant, Daniels is once again attacked by the assassin who wanted him dead four months earlier. The assassin reveals himself as Adrian Daniels, Jakes son. Daniels is shocked but learns he was birthed by Gia Rio. The father and son battle in the coruscant sky line but Adrian begins to gain the upper hand. Jake uses a volley of lightening to send his son coursing through the air. With this moment of peace, Daniels escapes and finds Melcia. He informs her of what had happened but instead of helping Jake, she is heartbroken. Jake never told her about Gia. Melcia, hurt, leaves the Legion and Jake behind. Daniels is heartbroken and confused. He goes back to Dantella IV unsure of what to do next. With several more victories under the Legions belt, the Legion is at the door step of Coruscant. Daniels marches into the Senate, to the shock and horror of the Supreme Chancellor. The Jedi respond in a show of force but much like the Senate are shocked to see what the Legion and its massive army are doing. Daniels makes a heart felt speech to the Senate in which Jake disbands the Legion. Daniels troops all then remove their Legion armor. He releases all conquered planets from Legion rule and takes full responsibility for all deaths resulting from the Legion wars. Jake hands himself over to the Jedi and is taken into custody.

Daniels is taken to the Jedi Temple, heavily escorted by Jedi Knights and Masters. Daniels is placed in front of Quazar Binks, a Jedi Knight Jake had fought on many occasions during the war. Jake explains he wants to become a Jedi again. Binks, a little shocked cannot figure out how a man can do a complete one-eighty like this. He tests Jake and sees that Daniels is sincere in his request. Binks allows Jake to return to the Jedi as a Jedi Knight but warns Daniels he will be watched closely. Binks then becomes Jakes temporary Master, training Jake to let go of Melcia and live for today. He must let go of possession in order to become a Jedi once again. Binks struggles in teaching Jake this, who, already well rehearsed in the force has become more stubborn but somewhat cooperative. Binks is brought a new Jedi recruit. He has excellent potential and decides it best that Jake train him. This was Quazar Binks’s way of getting Jake to let go of things and to concentrate on the Jedi way. Lagos Demonwind becomes Jakes Padawan learner. The two strike it off instantly as friends and Daniels and Demonwind become more of brothers, Lagos even dressing like and speaking much to Jakes effect.

On a mission, Daniels comes across Asha. Asha Missir is a force senative woman whom Daniels can feel. He offers her training in the ways of the Jedi but being as he already has one Jedi Padawan, needed special permission to train a second. With Lagos’s approval and the Council, Asha becomes Jakes second Padawan Learner. Asha and Jake hit it off to the same effect the Lagos and Jake did. Both become friends but unlike Lagos and Jake, Daniels and Missir have an underlying attraction for one another. Daniels trains both of his padawans the same way, he believed in equality. Daniels teaches them how to survive by cooking, he taught them the basics of the force and even how to think like a Sith. Lagos was granted Knighthood by Jake after Demonwind saved the life of a child without putting himself first. Demonwind went into the line of fire selflessly willing to sacrifice himself which Daniels respected.

Melcia Sarenth, Jakes former flame teams with Adrian. The two stage Sarenths death with which Daniels goes to investigate. Jake is ambushed by both and systematically tortured for days. Using his own lightsaber against him, Melcia burns the flesh of Daniels over his entire chest, abdomen, back and thighs. Asha, concerned about her Master, teams up with Lexia Leaukemia (a friend who was with Jake in the Sith, Legion and followed him to the Jedi) and sets out in search for him. She and Lexia find Daniels, who is dieing. Asha fights off Meclia and Lexia defeats Adrian. Lagos shows and helps to carry the limp Daniels back to the temple. The mental and physical beating that Daniels took results in a extremely slow recovery. When Daniels is fit enough, he takes Asha for her final mission, caught in a hail and rain storm, the two no longer hide their feelings and start a romance that rocks the temple. It isn’t long until they are married on Ashas homeworld. A day before the ceremony, Orbisis attacks Jake, warning Daniels that his happy little life will never truly be happy. He then leaves, sparing the Jedi. The following day, Jake and Asha are wed and Asha takes the name Missir Daniels.

During the next couple of years, Daniels works his way up onto the Jedi Council where he rivals Boolin and Knun as a key figure. Daniels leads many Jedi into many battles and begins to take blame for Jedi losses. Jake shrugs off the blame for now but will always remember this. His skill with a lightsaber dramatically improve and he is granted Masterhood by Mar’and Boolin, a now close friend and conifidant. Mar’and knows of Jakes feelings and his passion but warns Jake that he will be the scapegoat of the Jedi if he does not get under control. Daniels ignores the warning. With the war with the Sith in full swing, Daniels begins to ignore his family. Asha, giving birth to Jani Leah Daniels, Jakes daughter sees a momentary lapse in Jake in which he becomes close again but after a massive battle in which the Sith take Jakes homeworld of Dantella, Jake disappears into the war. This constant inability of Jake to stay with his family, for even a day drives a wedge in their marriage. Asha feels the Jedi, in search of a new life, taking Jani with her. Jani runs to the Sith and joins their ranks, evening sparking a relationship with Orbisis’s son, Sacar. Asha too develops a love affair with the dark lord. Angered Jake searches for the Sith but cannot find them. M’tha, Orbisis’s equally angry wife, gives Jake the location to the Sith stronghold. Jake subsequently attacks with srike force of Jedi. The attack is a failure as several Jedi Knights lose their lives. During this assault, Asha Daniels and Quazar Binks lose their lives. Daniels sends a message to the sith that he will never back down. A beast had been woken.

When the strike force returns, a flurry is past through the temple as many Jedi want Jake out. Daniels refuses to leave and builds a memorial garden at the side of the temple for those Jedi who lost their lives. Mar’and talks to Jake about taking a break and reminds Daniels that he is turning into a scapegoat. The two Masters decide it best not to attack the Sith, at least not now. The break is short lived when the Sith launch an attack against Alkan Prime. The massive sith fleet, launched from Dantella IV, overwhelmes the planet. Jake and Jada create a plan to use two strike teams, a specialized Jedi Strike force (run by Lagos) and the republic military. Squad one, which was led by Knun tries to attack but is stalled. Daniels tries to break through with his squad but suffers drastic losses. Jake calls in Lagos whos strikeforce fails when there is a breakdown of leadership and communication. Many Jedi bail on Lagos, leaving him and Zael to fight off a massive army in the middle of a city. The republic army, which shows up several hours late is subsequently destroyed. Jada Knun is captured, Lagos and Zael leave with Jake, Ciara, Mar’and and Syan and a new asset, Jakes former Master, Joseph Nentan who wishes to join the Jedi Order.

Atop coruscant, just after the return from Alkan Prime, Jake was attacked by Coal Nujad and Adrian Daniels. Both men wanted the Jedi Master dead, for fame and fortune within the Sith. However strong the two were, they were no match for Jake. Daniels used his strength with his saber to fend of Adrian, while dealing with Coal. When Adrian came in for a slash, Daniels ducked, sticking his saber into his sons chest. He drew his saber out and concentrated on Coal, who stood shocked the Jedi Master had no hesitation in killing his own son. Jake concentrated on Coal who was engulfed in rage. He went at the Jedi Master with everything he had. Jake bested Coal and removed the Sith Knights head. After the fight, Jake had to caskets constructed from wood. Daniels sealed both boxes up and carved his siganture into the top, then sent it to the Sith. Upon seeing this Orbisis felt insulted and Orbisis's own daughter vowed revenge for Coals death.

When the Ex Allan princess found Jake, she attacked but Jake easily bested her. As the two went in for a second confrontation, a bolt of severe force lightening coursed through the air and sent Daniels flying. Orbisis Ex Allan, the Sith Lord had arrived to protect his daughter.[/b][/font]

Lagos now teamed with Zael confront Jake, who in turn confronts Lagos on his leadership of the Strike team. A fight breaks out when Zael attacks Jake. Nentan comes to Jakes aid. Lagos is taught a lesson of not underestimating your opponent when Jake uses the force to win a saber fight, showing Lagos that Jake will always be one up on him.

Lee Valentine and Jake Daniels head to a distant planet on reports of a civil war brewing. Upon arrival they meet Wei-Ji, the first thinking droid that does everything a man can do. As a massive ground battle insues, Jake orders republic drop ships to take out the section of city Wei-Ji is in. The Senate orders the ships to stay back, going against Master Daniels. Wei-Ji gets away and Daniels is infuriated with the Senate.

In a meeting with top Knights, Zael spits in Asha's face and runs off. This causes a mental split to form in Jakes already fragile mind. Syan, who is saved by Jake from Darth Veil, the Sith Sorceress, is struggling to overwhelm the dark side in her mind. Jake, whos mind continues to crack, goes in and makes her face it, forcing her to defeat her demons. This brush with the Dark Side causes more splits in Jakes mind.

Mar'and Boolin leads a Jedi Master team to the Temple of Sidious, were the Dark Side rules. In the temple, Jake wanders off, and is overwhelmed by it. His mind finally splits, forming an alter-ego, Jacob who is pure evil. He returns to the Jedi group not to attack but study them.A vicious fight breaks out between the Jedi Group and a Sith name Corb. Jacob becomes involved, showing the council that Jake is no more. Jacob fights viciously but is wounded by a dagger in the arm. Corb Z'Uthon is slain in cold blood after giving up, the saber that kills him is Jakes purple blade.Jacob is on a rampage. Seeking out Sith on Coruscant, he encounters Darth Hexus, former loyal subject to Jake under the Legion. A brawl breaks out and republic guards are immidiatly alerted and in turn notify the Jedi Temple of Jake.

A massive man hunt which began hours before involving almost every known Jedi head to the street. Jacob and Hexus are in a vicious brawl in which part of Hexus' tail and an arm are removed. Hexus runs off while Jacob sees the Jedi forming a circle.He takes off into a night club were he takes Andra hostage, former padawan to Jake. Jake breaks through for a breif moment and tosses Andra over the railing and to the waiting Masters for her safety. Suddenly Lagos attacks, Jacob regaining control and quickly defeats the Jedi Knight. Jace Halis, considered a son by Jake, appears and throws down his saber. Jacob grows confused, swings his saber at Jace but his other hand catches his wrist, showing that Jake was in control of half the body. This allowing Jake to toss both Jace and Lagos off the balacany. Andra attacks Jacob, who tries to use a Jedi Slaying maneuver to kill her, but Jake breaks free again and pushes the saber down, only removing her hand and again tossing her off the balacany. Infuriated Jacob leapt down and was surrounded by four Masters, Missir, Syan, Boolin and Ciara. The fight was vicious yet one sided. Every move that Jacob attempted was perfectly blocked. Somehow they were able to know which move was being used. Jake later learned Jace was doing it to protect the other Masters, to give them an edge in combat. He was confined to his cell. The only person to talk to was Jacob. The Council watched the Master through a camera and every day he sat in the same spot on the bed, not moving or sleeping. Just sitting.

Jake was taken to the trial were the entire council sat and waited. Jada Knun, Mar'and Booling, Asha Daniels, Ciara Palmera, Syan Kalvara sat and prepared to decide the fate of Jake, who even then remained defiant of the Jedi Order in his own way. He wouldn't plead guilty because in his mind, he was innocent. The Council came to a split, half voting save him, the other half expel. The split allowed for Jake to stay in the the order with no punishment and keep his hold as head of the Jedi Order, something the Senate hated.

Daniels feels Mavados sudden return through the force. He could feel is old friend, the evil from him and the anger he holds. When he went out to search he was shocked to realize that the Dark Side was much stronger than Jake had thought and it allowed for Mavado to hide in secret, safe from Daniels and the Jedi.

Ciara Zen Palmera came to Jake one night in a club, asking for training in a Jedi fighting move that only he used in the Jedi Order, form VII, a half dark half light fighting style that very few Jedi could master. He trained Palmera for hours at a time, even taking her body to the limits. Daniels then formed a bond between the two that allowed each other to read the others mind openly, know were they were in the galaxy at any time, they could feel the others pain and so on, a bond unlike any other.

The trial was over and Jake Daniels was once again head of the Jedi Order. Jake went to Kamino to try and clone himself but it was botched when he was found out. Orbisis gained a vile of Jakes blood. As Daniels began to grow distant from Asha and closer to Palmera she confronted Jake and Daniels explained that he never got over her adultry with Orbisis. In a heated rage she killed herself. Soon after Jake and Ciara both went to Jani, asking her to come live with them but she refused and went to Orbisis, to live in her own little peace.

As time passed Daniels nature became increasingly noticed by the Jedi Council. On one afternoon, the council summoned Jake to them. Knun, Palmera, Boolin and Kalvara all sat staring at Jake. The questions were aimed at his recent actions on Kamino, which Daniels quickly rebuttled against. Much to the councils suprise, Palmera stood next to Jake, wanting to show her unity to him, and the relationship that was forming between them. The debate raged, on several occasions people lost their control and demenour. Daniels and the council came to an agreement, the council would be based around a more democratic standing. In return the council would back off of Jake and Ciara, leaving them be on their own in regards to their relationship.

Ciara and Jake contiued their training, heading off to different planets and meeting different people. Slowly they became more than just 'friends' and 'allies'. Palmera came to see the softer side of Jake, how he interacted with both Kaleb and Arioch. Kaleb took an immidiate shining to Jake but Arioch showed resistance to the Dantellian. He didn't like the Jedi Master, not hate but dislike and not willing to trust. Daniels continued to spend time with Ciara, even to the point were they slept in eachothers room, keeping one another company through the stressful times they were having.

On Isomik Jake took Ciara to a people that would help him renew his tired and beaten body. Tired of the scars, the worn face, the bad back, the limp he went before the Isomik council asking for treatment to heal his wounds. They granted him his wish which would take place the next morning. That night Jake and Ciara made love for the first time, all of their tensions and frustrations, their worries were all out of the door in those moments of heated love. The next morning Jake and Ciara were taken to the lake were Ciara had a marriage scar removed from the back of her neck. She wanted it gone since it was a painful reminder of Lagos, her ex husband. Jake had his entire body renewed. His face was that of his mid twentys, the scars were gone. His face was that of a young, happy, carefree Jake. He looked vastly different in a matter of ten minutes.

Back at the home on Coruscant, Daniels had a nightmare about a massive war that had erupted. He watched from beginning to end as the Sith took over then were defeated and even watched as Ciara said she was pregnant. When he woke, he could tell Ciara was having the same dream. Upon her awakening, she informed Jake that she was in fact pregnant. Ciara fell back to sleep shortly before Arioch returned home. Daniels woke Ciara and both went to explain their relationship to the boys. Kaleb did not know what to say, Arioch grew angry. Jake went back to the bedroom as Ciara went to talk to Arioch. Upon her return they discussed a name for the child if it turned out to be a girl, Rachel Yasmean Daniels.

Daniels recently Knighted Bra'lin and was frustrated to learn that Khar Qel-Droma, a top Knight had secretly trained a young woman named Akima Devoe, a dear friend to Jake in the ways of the force. Daniels took this as a threat to the order because he felt why would Khar not bring her before the council in the first place.

Stormy Jonay was called to the council chambers by Jake who had talked and debated for nearly an hour as to wether or not there should be another council member. The council all agreed that Stormy Jonay would be the perfect fit in and Daniels was the first to welcome her. She was the first Knight in a hundred years to serve on the council and the first healer in history as well.

Wanting to have a peaceful and quiet meal together, Jake and Ciara dress up and head out to a nice restraunt. While there, the cooks use Ciaras pasta reciepe. While the begin to eat Akima Devoe, Lenan Miader, Jrue (jakes padawan), Bra'lin (a new Knight), Will (ciaras padawan), Jacob and Maria Daniels and Fall Daniels all come in and have a seat with the two love birds.

Tensions continued to mount as the Council, led by Knun on this occassion called upon Jake and Ciara. They feared they have become to close, even though Ciara is carrying Jakes child. They decided it best to give the two seperate responsibilities. Ciara became more diplomatic working closely with the senate, Daniels kept his military responsibilities and little to the Councils knowledge has attempted communications with Senator Lenan Miader.

The Council gave Jake a second padawan, his ex-wife's padawan Baenre. Baenre, to smart for his own good, is trying to make Jake believe his way of life is wrong, though Daniels is not allowing himself to fall into that mind set. Daniels knows if it were not for himself and the sacrifices that Jedi who have followed him have made, the Sith would rule the galaxy right now.

Nubia... the planet of a hundred thousand dead. A massive Legion Terror attack. Jake, Baenre and Ciara head off to Nubia on reports of Legion sightings. On the planet Daniels knows someone is there though Baenre is quick to quit. Not being mindful of Dark Side tactics Baenre wants to up and leave but Jake knows something is up. He keeps the course and he felt her. Daniels rushed to the nearby cafe were he saw Melcia Saraneth, a woman he long thought dead. Daniels knew she was a threat and even when Baenre wanted to leave and go find the bombs, which he decifered from a riddle from Melcia, Jake could not let Melcia out of his sight. She was dangerous. Jake thought Baenre could handle it. He was wrong. The bombs went off, killing hundreds of thousands, burying many survivors, including Baenre and Ciara. For several days, Jake dug through the rubble, at times the force leaving him at times because of the sheer emotions.

On Ciaras homeworld, Jake and his fiance' go to see a doctor but visit her aunt first. That night would prove fatal. Darth Veil, sent by Orbisis himself, used a Sith spell and attacked Ciara and the baby. Daniels confused on how to fight battled with Veil but when push came to shove the new Jake died in a heartbeat, the old Jake, the one who lead the Jedi to many great military victories emerged once again and beat the living hell out of Veil who retreated. Jake walked back into the house and sat next to Ciara.

When Boolin arrived, the baby already buried in a deep grave, Jake and Boolin talked and decided it best for Jake to go away for awhile to repair mentally, Boolin fearing Jake was going to snap. Jake deciding it best for Ciara to get help went to Dantella IV to get his family. He wanted Ciara to have the support of a loving mother, mainly his own.

When he arrived he was ambushed. His entire family with the exception of his father rushed into the house. His father remained outside to fight off the oncoming attackers with Jake. During the fight, the home of Jake Daniels suddenly exploded, sending the Jedi and his father flying through the air. Jake and his father looked back in horror and began a dash to the home. Suddenly Jakes father Jacob fell dead as a barrage of blaster shots punched into his back. Jake spun around, deflecting the shots back at the attackers. Jake sneered, then looked at his father. Dropping his lightsaber, Jake held his fathehr, tears pouring from his eyes.

The ominous hum sounded behind him. Daniels turned to see a man holding his lightsaber. Attempting to get out of the way Jake leapt into the air but the man was too quick. Jakes arm and leg were removed. The now unconscious Jedi fell back to the ground. The man dragged Jake onto a waiting ship and flew off.

Devine Reckoning Project:

  • Taken from the files of the Jedi Order*

Jake Daniels, the former Grand Master of the Jedi Order, was a leader and warrior both. To Daniels, the Order came first to him, and rightfully so. Though his aggressively prideful demeanor set the Republic uneasy against him, and in turn the Jedi Order as a whole. After his possession by the doppelganger Jacob and the subsequent public trial, Master Daniels realized that he had to prepare for the possibility that the Order may have to abandon the temple. Gripped and obsessed with tales told of the Jedi’s first betrayal during the fall of the Old Republic, he vowed to never face such a debacle again, to save the Jedi Order from most certain death.

With a plan in mind and using funds allocated to the Jedi by the Republic, Jake Daniels contracted out to the Corellian-based ship-builder company, Corellian Engineering Corporation. He tasked CEC to build the Jedi a ship that would serve as their best escape vehicle, and paid them well for the job.

Jake knew that Coruscant was built with massive maintenance shafts lining the entire cityscape. One could house whole communities in them if need be, but Jake had other plans. With an extra fee, Jake contracted CEC to build the escape vessel beneath the Jedi Temple itself. Berthed within an obsolete maintenance tunnel, it lead directly to one of the district’s power generation plants where the vessel could egress safely away from the temple itself.

The project was kept secret even from the Jedi Council itself until it was too late to stop it. Jake revealed the project to the council once the payments had already been made, and asked that the escape vessel, dubbed the Divine Reckoning, be confidential except in the event that the Order must implement it for its purpose. It was illegal for the Jedi to have more than transport vessels, and even sp, the Divine Reckoning was classified a military-grade vessel.

The vessel was designed primarily as an escape vessel, punching holes ahead of it with withering streams of turbolaser fire as it ablated volleys in return long enough to burn through. Its weapons relied on the concept of a “flak barrier,” where it creates a wall of near-impenetrable laser fire that no fighter or transport could risk flying through without severe damage. It’s a concept better used on larger ships with enough ordinance to throw at the enemy. But the Divine Reckoning could theoretically throw up the barrier in front of itself and use it as a plow, cutting through a blockade just by pushing aside the defending ships.

The Reckoning’s defensive abilities were solid, maintaining the corvette’s speed while amplifying and reinforcing its shields and hull. When modulated to a single face, the shields could take waves of turbolaser blasts before it started to affect the hull. The hull itself was reinforced and compartmentalized, isolating compromised sections from the rest of the ship and containing life support within each individual compartment.

Because of all the equipment wedged into the corvette, the space available for the escapees was severely cut down. Where a normal Corellian-built corvette could hold over 765 passengers and crew, the Divine Reckoning could only hold around 450. This was deemed reasonable, Jake believed, because some Jedi had transports and fighters of their own. Not every Jedi would be on the Reckoning, and if the Jedi were forced to travel with the Reckoning alone, all may as well have been already lost.

The Divine Reckoning was designed to operate for nearly a year without going to port, and its controls were simplified for untrained Jedi to utilize. Instruction manuals and simulation programs were stored in the corvette’s computers, allowing the Jedi refugees to train themselves in the corvette’s operation quickly and without hiring an outside crew, if need be.

Picor Prison - Daniels was handed over to the prison shortly after his capture on Dantella by the man that had removed an arm and leg. While there Jake endured 5 years of solitary confinment. With psychological games (i.e. being told Ciara was murdered, and constant comments about his failure to save his family as well as no sign of any Jedi trying to find him) Jakes mind was worn down. Experimentation called 'Bleeding the force dry' began on Jake were pints of blood were removed from his body, bringing him to near death.

Three years into the Prison, Daniels was told Ciara was murdered, with proof of a new report given to him. Beaten down, Jake no longer cared about life. The normal experiment of bleed the force dry evolved into 'ripping the force off' in which Daniels was kept awake as strips of flesh were torn from his body and restitched back on. Infection soon set in nearly causing Jakes death.

When the prison exploded due to a commical mistake, Daniels made his way back to Dantella IV to visit the graves of his family. There Khar found Jake and took him into training. Two additional months of brutal mental and physical training past before Daniels could wield a lightsaber like he once had, though his skills with the force itself were diminished.

Daniels soon built a new home in the outer rim, hoping he would be the only soul on the planet. Jakes means of this home was a place for solitude and thought. Jake always wanted and needed a home so this secret house would be his getaway when things got to hectic.

When Daniels got his spider virus with Jedi Profiles on it from the intergalactic web, Jake began searching. He came across Liorna Dubna II and showed the file to the council. They sent Jake to retrieve the Jedi Master. Daniels did so and soon realized she was a fellow Dantellian. He took her to a secret Jedi base were they both went before the council. Daniels openly questioned the Jedi Order. Deep within, the old prime of his life Daniels still lived but was subdued by uncertainty within his soul. Jake was not welcome within the Jedi. He knew it. Arkanis and Khar did not trust Jake, it did not take a force psychic to tell anyone this and in return Jake did not trust them. After many weeks of self greiving, Daniels finally got over Ciara and Mar'and, both of whom Daniels shared a great deal with in his life. During this grieving Jake came to the harsh realization that the Jedi had left him to die. Master Daniels knew that had any Jedi given their all in trying to find Jake, they could have. Slowly he began to feel deserted and that those in power now with the council wanted him dead. Jake was a threat, to whom, no one knew just yet.

On a typical evening with the enclave, Daniels was awoke by a harsh screaming. His ears ached, his heart throbbed against his rib cage which sent pain through his abdomenal and chest cavity. He soon realized the screaming was not coming from anyone around him. When the screaming stopped, Daniels knew it was Asha and within the scream he felt Jani. HIs wife and daughter were still alive. Jake rushed off to a unmarked planet where he came across Jani. Shortly there after Asha, in a ghostly presence emerged.

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