Welcome to the Jake Fudge mini wiki at Scratchpad!

You can use the box below to create new pages for this mini-wiki. Make sure you type [[Category:Jake Fudge]] on the page before you save it to make it part of the Jake Fudge wiki (preload can be enabled to automate this task, by clicking this link and saving that page. Afterwards, you may need to purge this page, if you still see this message).

This is the new site for Jake Fudge.

My thoughts, ideas and general topics of interest will be published here on a when and if basis - so don't read this wiki if your expecting wikipedia-like content!

I'll say this, it's more for personal use than anything - although your free to read through my ramblings and leave comments as is the concept of th mini-wiki, please bear in mind this is obviously to let me practice using wiki software.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Jake :)

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