• Lincoln Loud (from The Loud House) as Gobo Fraggle
  • Gretchen (from Camp Lakebottom) as Mokey Fraggle
  • Clyde McBride (from The Loud House) as Wembley Fraggle
  • Zack Freeman (from The Day My Butt Went Psycho!) as Boober Fraggle
  • Leni Loud (from The Loud House) as Red Fraggle
  • McGee (from Camp Lakebottom) as Uncle Traveling Matt
  • Lynn Loud, Sr. (from The Loud House) as Doc
  • Bagel (from The Bagel and Becky Show) as Sprocket
  • Pancake (from My Friend Pancake) as Junior Gorg
  • Suzi (from Camp Lakebottom) as Ma Gorg
  • Jordan Buttsquat (from Camp Lakebottom) as Pa Gorg
  • Rosebud (from Camp Lakebottom) as Marjory the Trash Heap
  • Dilweed Chuck (from Numb Chucks) as Philo
  • Fungus Chuck (from Numb Chucks) as Gunge
  • Ray, Whirly, Crush, Jack, Botasaur and Bytes (from Rusty Rivets), Howard and Harold McBride (from The Loud House), Jani-Thor and Silas Sterne (from The Day My Butt Went Psycho!) and Howie, Octo, Bunny, Duck, Piggy, Narwhal, Sloth, Poodle and Batty (from Almost Naked Animals) as Doozers

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