Jambo, Africa is a Song from the Episode Madeline on Safari. The Music is written by Andrew Lloyd Webber with Lyrics by Tom Hanks.


Dr. Branch: Jambo, Jambo, Africa. Jambo, Africa. Jambo means Hello, Hello. Jambo, Africa.

Mr. Sclomper: Tembo, Tembo Elephant. Bathing with her Baby. Tembo, Tembo Elephant. Jam Boo. Jambo, Africa!

Mr. Zoingpler: Simba, Simba King of Beasts. Loudly lurking Lion. Simba, Simba King of Beasts. Jam Boo. Jambo, Africa!

Madeline, Girls, Dr. Branch, Mr. Sclomper, Mr. Zoingpler and Mr. Roing: Jambo, Jambo! AYAA!!! Africa!

Mr. Roing: Nyoka, Nyoka, Sneaky Snake. Slivery and Slinky. Nyoka, Nyoka, Sneaky Snake. Jam Boo. Jambo, Africa!

Lord Cucuface: Kiboko Hippopotamus, resting in the River. Kiboko Hippopotamus. Jam Boo. Jambo, Africa!

Company: Tembo, Elephant. Simba, Simba Lion. Nyoka, Nyoka, Sneaky Snake. Kiboko Hippopotamus. Tembo, Elephant. Simba, Simba Lion. Nyoka, Nyoka, Sneaky Snake. Jambo, Jambo, Jambo, Jambo. Jambo, Jambo Africa!

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