James is a bright red tender engine, a supporting character in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, one of the minor characters of the specials (ex. King of the Railway and Tale of the Brave) and the tritagonist in King of the Railway and Tale of the Brave. He is engine number 5. James is a mixed-traffic engine, who likes to think of himself as a really splendid engine.


James is usually vain and boastful, often heard saying, "I'm the brightest red engine on Sodor!" But James is also friendly and kind, and in the end, he helps his friends.


James is a red tender engine with gold stripes, a black splasher, and the number 5 painted on his six-wheeled tender in gold with a black border. James has a round, gray face, and black eyes. He has six, black driving wheels, a gold dome, and square, yellow portholes. James has a tall, black funnel, a round, black smoke box, and a red buffer beam. He was painted black with red stripes in the Railway Series.


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