James' Hateful is the second episode of the fifth season of Railway Park - Featuring Skarloey and Peter Sam.


James thinks Peter Sam has stolen a picture of him with Diesel's horn on his mouth.


(the Transfer Yards, dusk. Skarloey, Peter Sam and Dennis are taking turns shunting a frieght car. Skarloey shunts the frieght car and it derails)

  • Skarloey: Aw man, It derailed.
  • Peter Sam: Okay, I'll get it. (James approaches the yards behind him)
  • Peter Sam: (notices him) Where's what?
  • James: (grabs Peter Sam and shakes him) YOU KNOW WHISTLES WELL WHAT!!
  • Peter Sam: Let go of me.
  • Skarloey: What the heck are you doing, James?!
  • James: I went home to alter the picture of me with Diesel's horn on my mouth to look like Peter Sam, but it was GONE! (shakes Peter Sam again) WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY PICTURE?!
  • Peter Sam: Knock it off! I don't have your silly picture!
  • James: Give it back, Peter Sam!
  • Peter Sam: I don't have it!
  • James: I swear it to God, Peter Sam, if you don't give it back right now, I'm gonna push you out of here!
  • Peter Sam: (quickly) I DON'T HAVE IT!!
  • James: SSSHHHH! SHUT UP! You're lying, and YOU two are covering up for him! You know what? You're just like little engines yourselves! Skarloey, you're a little engine, and Dennis, you're a little engine! You're ALL LITTLE ENGINES!! (Peter Sam punches him on his tender once, firmly) OW! OW!! AAAAUH! (runs out of the Transfer Yards, screaming) AAAAAAAAAAHH!


  • When the Gracie Films logo appears and the woman says "Shh!", James says "Shut up!".

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