Welcome to my page! I am totally new to Wiki so please be patient if I left something out. The postings on this page will be referred back to the BECA 670 site. Have fun with whatever you read in here.

My Info

I am a 23-year-old San Francisco State Univesity student. Originally from the Philippines, I came to America 13 years ago to get a better education and create a bright future for myself. Ever since then, I have been blessed to study many interesting subjects and meet interesting individuals along the way. I am the youngest of six children and potentially the first one in the family to graduate college--another motivation for me to excel in school.

College Students in Broadcasting: Show up! Show up! Network!

If there is one piece of advice I would give new BECA students, it would be to join the College Students in Broadcastingclub. I already knew some BECA students, but joining this club exposed me to more passionate and determined Radio and Television broadcasters. The one word that BECA faculty preaches is NETWORKING and CSB gave me that and more. Not only did I receive a lot of new internship opportunities, but there were a lot of guest speakers such as Joe Fonzi of KTVU Channel 2 News who came in and spoke about the industry. I was definitely hooked into the club for a couple of semesters, but as my free time became less and less, my appearances diminished. Nevertheless, the experience alone will set you apart from other BECA students who are not in the club. In CSB you gain so much more information and guidance towards potential jobs and instills a positive outlook for your future.

College Students in Broadcasting is a great resource for all BECA students. It gives them the chance to meet people at the top of their professions who are willing to help and share their valuable knowledge. The club is ran by a committee of students who are voted into their positions. There is a faculty adviser that changes every once in a while, at this point the acting adviser is Dina Ibrahim. CSB meets in Studio 1 on Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm.

The Faculty

Another way to get informed is to get to know a BECA Faculty member by visiting them during their office hours. If you establish a personal relationship with BECA faculty members, you increase your chances of learning about internships and job openings that they may know about in the industry. San Francisco is in the top ten of Broadcasting venues so it gets tougher to find a job in this market than a smaller market like Santa Cruz. You will need all the help that you can get. To give you a head start, check out the Faculty Advisingoffice hours. Happy Hunting!


I know most of the Books from BECA are not as expensive as Business or Science books, but if you want to get cheaper books I suggest going to sites such as where possibly cheaper books are located. I always go here first to get most of the textbook for my classes to save money. Remember to choose "Expedite Delivery" to get your books in time for your first book assignment. A lot of Professors choose to have Readers as a guide in class. I tell you this because Readers are cheaper and you can buy them in the SFSU Bookstore right away. Just like you, I am a college student, so our budget can sometimes stretch thin with other expenses so take advantage of any deals when it comes to textbooks.

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