James gets revenge in this sequel to James Throws a Tantrum.


James so mad at the engines that he shunts Molly into a swamp and pushes Edward off the rails and into a grassy field. He then shunts bashes the fat controller's car off a cliff with sir topham hatt in it!


Narrator: One day, James decided to get revenge.

James: Now its time to do my excellent plan!

So james went off and saw Molly. He wanted to shunt her off into the swamps.

James: Now, let's shove her OFF!

So he did, and molly fell in the pond.

Molly: (muffled) James! You are so grounded!

James: Heh! Can't ground me, you're in the pond!

So James was going to push Edward.

James: Time to DIE Edward!

So James pushed him off.


Edward: (muffled in the dirt) James! No video games for you!

James: Still can't ground me!

So James saw Sir Topham Hatt at Brendham Docks and pushed him off when he was in his car!

Sir Topham Hatt: James! What are you doing!?!?!?! You have caused Confusion and Delay!

James: Ha ha ha, you lose, I win!

So James went away and played with Percy on Skylanders SwapForce.

Percy: If Edward and Molly were gone, then would Thomas and Emily be the replacement of Edward and Molly?

James: NAH!


  • Molly has Stepney's whistle sound.
  • Studio equipment is visible at Brendham Docks.

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