James' Trouble with Mud is the second episode of the third season of Thomas The Tank Engine Kids.

James has a very busy day. He goes to Brendam Docks to collect some fruit and vegetables to take to the market. On the way to the market, James sees two tracks. One track is nice and clean, while the other track is wet and muddy. James knows that if he took the clean track, he would stay clean, but instead, takes the wet and muddy track to get to the market faster. James arrives at the market in no time at all. However, Edward, who has just taken some sheep to the market, laughs at James for getting muddy. A humiliated James rushes off to do his next job. James collects some flour from the mill to take to the bakery. On the way to the bakery, James sees two tracks. Again, one track is nice and clean, and the other is wet and muddy. Again, James chooses the muddy track. When James arrives at the bakery, he sees Thomas, who has just delivered some butter to the bakery. Thomas also laughs at James for getting muddy, and James puffs away to do his last job. James collects some iron from the smelter's yard, where 'Arry and Bert tease him for getting muddy. James ignores the diesels, and puffs away to Brendam Docks to deliver the iron. After taking the iron to Brendam Docks, James returns to Tidmouth Sheds for a rest. All the other engines laugh at muddy James, but The Fat Controller tells James that it doesn't matter if you are dirty or clean, and what matters is being a really useful engine.

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