James' Unlucky Week is SuperMalechi's Thomas & Friends Trackmaster Series episode.


James tries to have a good day, but everything goes terribly wrong.

Featured Characters

  • James
  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Percy (cameo)
  • Edward
  • Donald and Douglas
  • Molly (cameo)
  • Toby (cameo)
  • Billy
  • Kenny
  • Sir Handel
  • James' Nephew


Day 1

  • Narrator: One day, James woke up.
  • James: What a beautiful day!
  • Narrator: Just then, Edward puffed up beside him.
  • Edward: {quickly} Hey James! Doing pretty good! How bout you? Good! Oh, I wanted to give you this thing cause you're the best friend in the whole world, okay BYE!
  • Narrator: And he ran off, laughing.
  • James: That was weird. What's it say? {excitedly} Oh-ho-ho-ho! You must be joking! "Kiss me, I'm Japanese"? Well you know what that means ladies that's not my wife, time for someone to kiss James! Come on, who's it going to be, huh? Kiss the red engine! Could be anyone, but...
  • Narrator: Suddenly, a old lady was in front of James!
  • James: A old lady! AAUUUUUGGHHHH!!!!
  • {Cut to a Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By, with Bowser looking drunk, holding a bottle of soda and a camera in front of them. The music is Baka Survivor. After 12 seconds, we cut to Edward, reading a story to Donald and Douglas.}
  • Edward: And so, Bowser, went straight to jail for bullying anyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, and was never seen from again!
  • Narrator: Donald and Douglas cheered.
  • Donald & Douglas: {cheering} Yay!
  • Edward: Yeah...!
  • Narrator: Just then, they heard James.
  • James: EDWARD!!!!!! {He rushes in front of a very shocked Edward, covered in kiss marks, and looks very cross}.
  • Edward: Aaaah! What happened to you, James?!
  • James: Edward! I got kissed by an old lady!
  • Douglas: {to James} Was th-that your d-d-dark side James?

Day 2

  • Narrator: The next morning, James woke up once again.
  • James: What a beautiful day! I hope it wouldn't go bad again.
  • Narrator: Just then, Duck showed up.
  • Duck: Hi, James. I can to see you for a while.
  • James: Duck! I knew that I never liked tank engines like you! I am going to fight with you!
  • Duck: I wanted to see you.
  • James: Never play with me! Only my friends, Gordon, Henry, Neville and Edward can play with me!
  • Duck: (chuckles) See ya later.
  • Narrator: And Duck puffed off.
  • James: Ughh, tank engines always get into my nerves.
  • Narrator: Thomas showed up too.
  • Thomas: Hello, James. I am here to shunt frieght cars.
  • James: Thomas, you are not supposed to play with me!
  • Thomas: See ya later, James.
  • Narrator: Thomas puffed off, laughing. Just then, James saw a big giant cat.
  • James: Oh, wow! A big giant cat. Hey, come to me. Come- (the giant cat starts to lick on James' red paint) Aahh! Don't lick on me! Don't lick on me! Aahh!

Day 3

  • Narrator: Another morning came, and James came out of the shed.
  • James: What a beautiful day!
  • Narrator: Suddenly, a pigeon flew into James' boiler.
  • James: Woah-ho! {chuckles} Man, you're a fat pigeon! And I thought I had size issues. Now you're the fatty this time! Hey, fatty-fatty-fatty-fatty! Heeey, fatty-fatty-fatty! {giggles} You're such a big, fat, fatty-fat-
  • Narrator: Soon, the pigeon started to make straining noises.
  • Pigeon: {straining noises}
  • James: Er, you're not doing what I think you're doing? {pause} Uh-ohh...
  • Narrator: And the pigeon dropped on James.
  • {Cut to a full view of the planet Earth, James screams at the top of his lungs.}

Day 4

  • Narrator: Another morning came and James once again was pleased with himself
  • James: What a beautiful day! {record scratch} Huh?! What's all this?
  • {Cut to the Mario cast with phones on their heads. Cut back to James. He stutters and holds his ears.}
  • James: Oh, no! My boiler's gonna explode!
  • Narrator: Just then, Thomas, Duck and Sir Handel were impatient and started to yell at James.
  • Thomas, Duck, Sir Handel: {shouting} ANSWER IT!!!!!
  • James: {freaking out} Aaah! I'm outta here!
  • Narrator: He ran into the Crovan Bridge, which the Standared Gauge and Narrow Gauge engines puff on, and Kenny offered him a phone.
  • Kenny: Here. Call for you, sir. {James does.}
  • Voice on Phone: {sounding like an old man} Hello?? This a call for my favorite red engine! Hello? James-love?
  • James: {yells angrily}
  • Narrator: James yelled angrily about this. He gave Kenny a biff and he toppled down and fell down onto a train of fuel wagons, which exploded, killing him instantly.
  • Mario and Gang: Falling orange saddletank engine at 12:00!
  • Thomas: Cinders and ashes! They killed Kenny!
  • Duck: You idiots!
  • Sir Handel: {yelling to the Mario cast} WAIT! He didn't mean you, guys! Come back!! {Cut back to James.}
  • James: Man... That was more painful than that visit from my nephew.
  • {Flashback: James is feeling angry as an engine that looks like Bill or Ben with no name is next to him.
  • James' Nephew: Hey, Uncle James, where do babies come from?
  • James: {now had enough} For the last time, you buy them in a store! Just like everything else! {Cut back to present day.} {relieved} Well, I think that ringing in my ears is gone. {He looks up, a phone is on his head, ringing. He gets very, very angry, shaking and it fell off his head.} THAT'S IT!!! WHO PUT THE PHONE ON MY HEAD, AND I WANNA KNOW WHY!!!!!
  • Thomas: Er, not me! My phone's forwarded to another head!
  • Duck: Not me! My speed number dial's unlisted!
  • Sir Handel: Yeah! There's no idea I did it! {A cellphone is on his head.} Aw, nuts! Why me?!
  • James: {biffs into Sir Handel's right side and he goes through the air} IT WAS YOU!!!
  • Narrator: And he flew Sir Handel into the air.
  • Stanley: HOW DID HE KNOW?!!?
  • James: What is the meaning of this?! Is it like, "Going Insane with Phones Day"?
  • Duck: Um, if Thomas and I said yes, would it make the situation less awkward?
  • James: What? I don't know- {Sir Handel lands on him} OWWWW!!!!
  • Sir Handel: Er, s-sorry, James.
  • James: {muffled} Sir Handel... get... off me... now...

Day 5

  • Narrator: Another morning came, and James puffed out of the shed once again.
  • James: What a beautiful day! {Looks in shock.} Huh?!
  • {We cut to what James encountered in the last four days: Blossom Z, the giant cat, the fat pigeon, and phone-obsessed morons.}
  • James: Aw, fiddlesticks! Not again!
  • {Blossom Z starts kissing up all over James. After 15 seconds...}
  • 'James': Ugh!! That's disgusting! {The pigeon and his friends drop all over him.} Oh, no! Not pigeon poop again! {The phone guys ring phones all over him.} GrrrRRRRrrrrrrRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRR! {He punches them out of the way, the phones fly off.} If one more thing happens-! {The cat licks James' red paint as James screams.} I guess I spoke too soon...
  • {Stanley and Billy arrive alongside James.}
  • Stanley: What do you suppose this is?
  • Billy: It looks like that James had some really bad luck!
  • {The two puff away leaving James in slight fury.}

Day 6

  • Narrator: The next morning came. James was a bit worried.
  • James: I don't get it! Every time I say "What a beautiful day it is", something bad happens to me.
  • Narrator: Then, James had an idea.
  • James: Wait a minute, {smiles} maybe if I say the opposite, maybe nothing bad will happen! Yeaaah! I'm gonna give it a try... {Changes his mood into a scrooge.} What a terrible, horrible, no-good, really bad day! {He winks to himself. He hears footsteps in the distance. James screams loudly, when fade to white as hippos run over him.} Eeeeee! Ow! Ouch! Ow! Oh! Auugghh! {Beeping noise. Pan to James, now on his side, and covered in mud.} Ohhh, please be mud...


  • {We zoom in slowly to James, feeling sorry for himself, and in tears.}
  • James: {sadly} Oh, no! Everything went terribly wrong! Now I know how Mr. Grumpy feels...
  • Duck: What's wrong, James?
  • James: Ohh, Duck, all I wanted was to have I good day, but they've been ruined by Blossom Z's kisses, a giant cat, bird rubbish, a bunch of phone obsessed morons, a mix of them, and I just got run over by a stamping of hippos!
  • Duck: I'm lucky this story didn't focus on me! See ya tommarow, James.
  • James: Maybe a rest will clear me from this frustration. {He reverses into the shed, and falls miserably to sleep. Thomas emerges from the shed next to James.}
  • Thomas: Jeez, what a sad way to end an episode. Don't worry, James! You'll have a better day tommarow.&nbsp
  • James: {from the shed} Oh, thanks, Thomas.
  • Thomas: You welcome.

[episode ends]


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