James & Henry is a Thomas/Timon & Pumbaa parody series. Starring James the Red Engine and Henry the Green Engine.


  • James as Timon
  • Henry as Pumbaa
  • Thomas as Simba
  • Edward as Rafiki
  • Elizabeth as Shenzi
  • Arry/Bert as Banzai
  • Duck as Zazu
  • Diesel as Scar
  • The Lorries as The Three Natives
  • Hank as Uncle Boaris
  • Skarloey as Dr. Happy
  • Peter Sam as Pumbaa Jr.
  • Cranky as Boss Beaver
  • Spencer as Ned the Elephant
  • Ned as Erwin
  • Bulgy as Quint
  • Dennis as Fred
  • Hector as El Toro
  • Percy as Baby Earl
  • Stanley as Oprean
  • Rosie as Rinda
  • Smudger as Small Jimmy
  • D261 as The Bear
  • Diesel 10 as Lying, No-Good Toucan Dan
  • Bertie as Speedy The Snail
  • Donald & Douglas as The Vulture Police
  • Splatter & Dodge as The Cheetah Bros.
  • Murdoch as The Wolverine


Season 1

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