James Brunswick was born in 1939 he was once a member of the Rivers he first joined the group back in 1950. He meet the Rivers over Jack Taylor who is the 22nd Body of the First River they were also pretty close.


James Brunswick worked as a police man in Ontario for many years he worked on the boats his job along with his work partners was to deal with customs. He first crossed paths with Jack Taylor when they had to work together when. They found themselfs up fighting some dealers. The Dealer was called Tony Johnson they lived and because of this they came close and started spending more time together.


Jack Taylor and James Brunswick lost what they had when Jack Taylor had to pick between his daughter Samantha Taylor and James Brunswick wife Helen Brunswick he picked his daughter and Helen died from a gunshot the the chest. Because of Jack choice James wanted to see Jack died he said one day they would meet again and this time he would kill Jack.


The First River was tracked down to reports of a girl because of the number six after a bit of work James Brunswick found out who they were and tried to kill Emma Smith however he failed and soon found himself facing Emma Smith and Steph Colledge when they came back to Canada. In the gun fight Emma manage to kill James Brunswick. His last words were thank you for allowing me to be with my wife and I will be just a memory but Jack thank you for being the person who did this for me. In the fight he killed three people.

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