The life of slaves in America was tough because they had to work on farms in the south all day long. They also were sold often and separated from their family and were moved around the south. There were no laws protecting the slaves they had no freedom or any type of authority in America. Some slaves had nice owners that let them live in the house and he fed them and treated them nicely, but some slave owners treated their slaves badly, the women were raped.

The slaves that lived in the north were not treated as bad as the ones in the south. Slaves in the north did not have to work on farms but they were isolated from the whites. Everything was separated, there were white water fountains and colored water fountains, there were white bathrooms and colored bathrooms, also there was white schools and colored schools. Black people also had to sit in the back of the bus and they had to give up their seat to a white person. There were some black people that stood up for themselves and they wanted to abolish slavery in the north. Martin Luther King led the boycott of public transportation because black people had to sit in the back and give up their seats to the whites. Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man and she also was part of the boycott of public transportation.

The life of Africans was hard both in the northern and southern part of America. The black people in the south had it the worst because of the treatment and what they had to do, but the blacks in the north had to deal with isolation and more racism and that’s why it was hard being black in America.

You have alot of run on sentences and you use "and" too much. Try to make more sentences out of the run on ones and try to seperate parts of sentences with comas instead of and.

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