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James Learns A Lesson and Other Stories is a US fan-faction VHS/DVD Featuring Seven Season 1 Episodes Narrated By Ringo Starr and two songs.


  1. James Learns A Lesson
  2. Foolish Frieght Cars
  3. A Proud Day For James
  4. Thomas and The Conductor
  5. Thomas Goes Fishing
  6. Terence The Tractor
  7. Thomas and Bertie's Great Race


  1. Percy's Seaside Trip (DVD only)
  2. Harold The Helicopter (DVD only)

Bonus Features

  • Character Gallery
  • Sing-Along-Songs: Percy's Seaside Trip and Harold The Helicopter
  • Bonus DVD Games: Build an Engine Game and Who Am I?

VHS/DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • James and Thomas from "A Proud Day For James"

Back Cover

  • Gordon (angry), James (sad) and Henry (happy)

Front Cover

  • Top: Thomas and James
  • Bottom: Thomas and Bertie from "Thomas and Bertie's Great Race"

Back Cover

  • Thomas and Bertie at the station from "Thomas and Bertie's Great Race"
  • James at the station from "James Learns A Lesson"

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