b. 2761CE d. 2853CE. James Stewert Sinclair, Chairman of the Committee for Public Safety from 2831CE until his death by suicide in 2853 CE, older brother of Joshua Josephson Sinclair, Founder and Master of the Enochiian School, James Sinclair began his career as a manager of forestry operations on the Colony world of Equinox operated by Weyerhaeuser-Pacific. He succeeded his father, Joseph Stewart Sinclair as PEO of Equinox upon the elder Sinclair’s death during the planetary revolt of 2799CE. James Sinclair attended the Charter Convention of 2810CE as Weyerhaeuser’s senior delegate. Sinclair demonstrated a gift for ruthless politics and diplomacy – first demonstrated during his containment of the Equinox Revolt.

After the Convention, intermittent attacks on distant outposts of the Hegemony increased in frequency over the next two decades. These early skirmishes of the Rebellion were called the Robin Hood Raids because as with the actions of it namesake Robin of Lochsley the raiders stole from the Corporations and distributed the supplies and credits to the oppressed employees.

James Sinclair manipulated public opinion about these attacks as the chief media spokesman for the Hegemony. He used this position to consolidate a power base, and with the power base he lobbied for a comprehensive response to the raids. He achieved the pinnacle of his power when he became the Chairman of the Committee for Public Safety in 2831 CE.

Sinclair reintroduced terrorism to the population of the Known Universe through the Committee for Public Safety. His strategy was to employ fear and peer pressure to erode the rebel’s support base among the working classes, the underemployed, and the student population.

Soldiers of the Public Safety Force – the PSF – were first garrisoned on the most distant colonies, and undercover agents infiltrated all strata of Hegemony society. The PSF or “Black and Blues”, as they were aptly named by the media, were authorized to stop anyone, enter any residence or business on the mere suspicion of the presence of a rebel. The media label was based on the color of the PSF uniforms, but it also had a double meaning to the general population of the colonies because of the bruises inflicted by the PSF’s favorite weapon – an old fashioned truncheon.

The Rebellion’s use of Joshua as a de facto figurehead set in motion the events on New Jerusalem in 2853 CE. By the spring of 2853 CE, James Sinclair had become convinced that the only way to restore order was to remove his brother as an inspirational resource for the rebellion.

A micro-miniature anti-matter device with a biotech trigger containing 666 molecules of water and an equal number of anti-water molecules was disguised as component of the Cosmos Peace Prize to be presented to Joshua at the close of the Unified Judeo-Christian Church’s celebration of Passover/Easter. The bomb had the destructive power of 2,000 tons of high explosive but was no larger than a salt crystal. The device was set to trigger by Joshua’s unique brain waveform.

Joshua thwarted the attempt by sensing the reaction as it commenced and reversed space-time locally around the device. No one present knew how close they had come to death.

The failure of the assassination attempt ruined James Sinclair. He came to the realization that his life had been based on a belief construct that had become inherently evil. He committed suicide on Joshua’s eighty-third birthday in the summer of 2853 CE. His final act was to publish an open letter of apology to Joshua and to human civilization calling for fair and equal treatment of all employees of the Corporate Hegemony.

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