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James Smile is a series of short stories/novellas written by Matt44au. It is a action/comedy series, first of all using smileys, but then abandoned after the first story. It is a James Bond parody, although this seems to evolve into something which is the author's own story. It featured a number of GAJers who signed up in a seperate topic for a part in the story.


WARNING: Spoilers follow here.
If you have not read this book, it is recommended to skip to another section. Dont complain if you do read the spoilers, you were warned O_O

James Smile 1

Due to inexplicable shipments and a skyrocketing bank account, James is sent by MI6 to infiltrate Matt44auCorp to investigate this.

When he enters, he kills a number of guards by shooting a trolley full of bricks onto them. After this, James is found out by Matt44au, who subsequently releases a gigantic snake named Cardonia to kill him.

After attempting to shoot it, James eventually kills Cardonia by using a rag soaked in strong alcohol on fire and blowing the same booze into it, turning it into a makeshift flamethrower.

Entering another room, James finds his path blocked by a turret, and needs an access code to pass it. He eventually tears the machine from the walls and throws it at the turret, confusing it as to what to shoot at, giving him a chance to reach the other room.

James observes what is going on in this main room, where Matt44au is, and sees that he is going to shoot a microwave ray at the sun. Before Matt44au shoots, James pulls out the vital panel which allows the turret to shoot.

Matt44au then shoots the gun out of James' hand, then proceeds to engage in a swordfight with James (using a sword placed on the wall for narrative purposes. Eventually, after a long monologue from Matt44au, James manages to knock Matt44au into the fire which was now spreading around the room, killing him.

James Smile 2

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