James and Rocky is a fan-made Thomas and Friends Season 10 episode made by BiggestThomasFan. It would have aired in the place of "Edward Strikes Out".


One morning, James is at Vicarstown collecting a goods train. While there, he meets a new crane named Rocky, who had arrived on Sodor on a overnight train from the other railway. Rocky introduces himself to James, but James is rude to him as Rocky can't move unless another engine pulls him. He even calls him a "new fangle nonsense". He puffs away with his goods train leaving behind a very hurt Rocky.

The trucks see that James is cross and decide to make him crosser by causing a some incidents (like slipping their brakes on and causing their axles to run hot). As a result, James does get crosser and arrives late at Knapford with his train. Sir Topham Hatt is cross with James for being late and gives him another goods train to pull. James is told to take Neville's goods train because Neville broke down.

When James arrives at the shunting yards, he bumps the trucks hard. The trucks get cross with James and want to pay him out. They wait until they come to Gordon's Hill to do their plain. As they reach the top, the trucks push James down the hill, making him go too fast. James tries to brake, but it's too late and he comes off the rails at a bend.

Rocky soon hears the news and Edward takes him to rescue James. On the way, Rocky tells Edward about what James said that morning. Edward assures Rocky that James will apologize. They soon arrive the accident and Rocky lifts James and the derailed trucks back on the rails. James thanks Rocky and apologizes for his rudeness. Edward takes James to the works to be mended while Oliver takes his goods train.

When James is repaired he thanks Rocky again and now the two are good friends.


  • Edward
  • James
  • Rocky
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Oliver (does not speak)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • Molly (cameo)
  • Diesel (cameo)
  • Dennis (cameo)
  • Neville (mentioned)


  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis
  • US Narrator: Michael Brandon

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