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James The Red Engine is fan-fiction song.


Composed by Eggplant LF, Performed by Rockapella and several british schoolchildren.

  • Singer 1: Who's the number 5 red engine?
  • Singers: JAMES!
  • Singer 3: Who's a spoiled brat?
  • Singers: JAMES!
  • Singer 2: Who's vain?
  • Singers: JAMES!
  • Singer 1: Who's mean and bad?
  • Singers: JAMES! And he's the splendid red engine! Who's the red engine who picks at the other Friturtoons characters? James the Red Engine, James the Red Engine!! But his plans backfire lead him crying like a spoiled brat. And we hoped he learned his lesson!
  • Singer 4: Who's the splendid red engine?
  • Singers: JAMES!!

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