James vs. Rutger is the first episode of the third season of Thomas' Railway Adventures.


James meets a new engine called Rutger and destroys him and his gunpower cars.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Gordon (mentioned)
  • James
  • Emily (cameo)
  • Duck
  • Rocky the Crane (non-speaking role)
  • Boco
  • Rutger (new character)
  • Stanley (cameo)
  • The Gunpower Cars
  • Sir Topham Hatt


Narrator: James is a mixed-traffic engine with a shiny red coat of paint. He likes pulling the express, and hates frieght trains. One day, James was at the sheds with Thomas, Duck, Edward and Boco.

James: Look at me! I'm such a splendid engine!

Thomas: You're the most shinest red engine on Sodor!

Duck: You can pull coaches or frieght cars, but not goods trains.

Edward: You are red, shiny and fabbless.

Boco: You have a nice red coat of paint and a tender.

James: And I don't like tank engines!

Narrator: Soon, James saw a custom tank engine. The engine was painted orange. The name was put on both sides. And his name was Rutger. He steamed into the shed.

Rutger: Hello, my name's Rutger. Who's yours?

James: I'm James. And I don't like you, Rutger.

Narrator: Rutger didn't like James either. Duck warned Rutger to be careful.

Duck: Be careful, Rutger, and don't let trucks push you off the line.

Narrator: Rutger was skepitcal and cross.

Rutger: Pah! Trucks?! What nonsence?!

Duck: They are troublesome.

Narrator: And Rutger continued to think about trucks. Soon, Rutger buffered up to some gunpower trucks.

Rutger: You are cattle trucks!

Gunpower Trucks: Oh! What a horrid engine!

Rutger: So I said so!

Narrator: Rutger went over the viaduct. He was still thinking about Duck's advice.

Rutger: Pah! Duck thinks I'm a horrid engine!

Narrator: Soon, he went to Gordon's Hill. Suddenly, James puffed and saw the back of Rutger's gunpower trucks.

James: I'm going to destroy you, Rutger! {laughs}

Narrator: Rutger was horrified, and James quickily charged foward to the back of Rutger's train. James started to push Rutger and his gunpower trucks along the line.

James: Hahahahahahaha! I'll push Rutger off a cliff! Hahahaha!

Rutger: Help! Help! Help!

Narrator: Rutger tried to break hard, but James was still pushing him and his gunpower trucks. Along the line, the ends of two sidings were right on the edge of a cliff, below which was a large ravine. James pushed Rutger into one of the sidings and finally pushed him right off a cliff!

Rutger: (screams) AAAAAAAAAAH!

Narrator: A loud scream escaped from Rutger as he and the gunpower trucks fell down toward the ravine. Suddenly, his scream was cut short by a tremendous smashing sound as he hit the ravine hard. The sound of bit and pieces flying followed, and the noise died down to silence. James laughed.

James: I've did it! I've destroyed Rutger! Hahahahaha!

Narrator: Just then, Duck arrived with Rocky the Crane. He chuckled.

Duck: Well, well, well, James finally got into trouble! Look what have you done to Rutger!

James: Shut up, Duck! Now lift Rutger on Rocky's flatbed, you stupid little engine!

Duck: Yes, I will.

Narrator: Soon, Rocky lifted Rutger out of the ravine. Duck was still laughing.

Duck: Rutger is destroyed now!

Narrator: Rocky lifted Rutger on his flatbed. Rutger was damaged and destroyed. His funnel and dome were cracked. His saddletanks were ripped into, creating a hole. His lamp and whistle were smashed. His front end and cab roof were badly dented. He had broken his two siderods and lost some of his wheels. Most of all, his orange paint was scratched. Sir Topham Hatt was cross with James.

Sir Topham Hatt: James, you had destroyed Rutger! You are mean to him! You had smashed his parts! As punishment, I will keep you in the shed for the next two months!

James: Two months?! You can't be serious!

Sir Topham Hatt: Yes, I am!

Narrator: Just then, Thomas and Boco arrived.

Thomas: James' in trouble now!

Boco: I hope you learned your lesson now!

Duck: Let's take you to the Crovan's Gate Works to be rebuilt.

Narrator: Duck took Rutger to the Crovan's Gate Works. Later, James was at the shed. He learned not to be so nasty. But I think he learned his lesson, don't you?

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