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Jamie Durrant, lead singer in 1980s pop band Bananarama, first came to fame as author of the best selling book of the 18th Century entitled "Peeling an orange; a step by step guide". The book was co-written by Nelson Mandela.

The Early Years

Born in 1656 to parents Jackie and Aswad, Jamie grew up on a council estate in Cambodia and was educated at the Keith Chegwin Prepatory School, named after the famous Greek philosopher Plato. Jamie's brother was born in North Yorkshire in 1865 with 6 fingers and two heads and a second brother came in 1398. Both were named Dave.

Publication Fame

Joining forces with Nelson Mandela, in 1798 Jamie wrote the book "Peeling an orange; a step by step guide", in which a small boy named Charty goes to Bangladesh in search of his Maths homeword. It sold 934 million copies in Aberdeen alone, outselling the bible by 4.

Top Of The Pops

Musical fame came in the 1980s as Jamie Durrant became lead singer of pop band Bananarama, including legendary actress Tony Blair on drums and Barry Scott playing bass. The group had 74 straight No.1 hits between March 1984 and April 1984, only being denied a 75th by Mahatma Gandhi's tune "Jungle Is Massive", which stayed at number 1 for 652 years.


Jamie is not yet dead.

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